Pence Says He’s Proud To Be In ‘Israel’s Capital, Jerusalem’Vice President Mike Pence kicked off his visit to Israel with a Monday morning meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in which he said it was an honor to be in “Israel’s capital, Jerusalem.”
US Wants To Cut Money For Palestinian RefugeesThe Trump administration is preparing to withhold tens of millions of dollars from the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees.
Miss Iraq Sent Death Threats For Selfie With Miss IsraelThe Iraqi government, which has no formal diplomatic relations with Israel, reportedly threatened to strip the 27-year-old of her national title if she did not take down the photo
Opposition Grows To Possible US Embassy Move To JerusalemVociferous Arab and Muslim opposition was building Tuesday to any possible U.S. recognition of contested Jerusalem as Israel’s capital,
Israel Fumbles Goodwill Visit Of NFL PlayersAmong those who also dropped out were Bennett's brother Martellus, of the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, Miami Dolphins receiver Kenny Stills, Seahawks' Cliff Avril, San Francisco 49er Carlos Hyde and Justin Forsett of the Denver Broncos.
Baltimore County Man Critically Injured After Joining Israeli ArmyA young man from Baltimore County became a sharpshooter in the Israeli army after graduating from high school. When he was nearly killed in combat, he came home to Maryland to heal.
Travel To The Wonders Of The WorldHere's a quick guide for families to the New Seven Wonders of the World and the only surviving original Seven Wonders of the World.
Local Man Who Moved To Israel Reacts To The Intense FightingA local family who moved to Israel last year is back in Baltimore visiting family.
Thousands Of Marylanders Ask US For Better Protection For Gaza CiviliansAs the final hours of a truce wind down between Hamas fighters and the Israeli military, 4,100 Marylanders have sent letters to Capitol Hill to urge greater protection for Gaza civilians.
Pro-Israel, Pro-Palestine Rallies Held In Baltimore WednesdayTensions are sparking right here in Baltimore. In light of the violence in the Middle East, two rallies took place Wednesday night at Penn Station, where protesters on both sides spilled into the streets.
Hundreds In Baltimore Rally To Show Solidarity With Those In GazaThe conflict in Gaza continues to spark intense passions and concerns across the United States, including right here in Maryland.
Gaza Strip Fighting Prompts Cancellation Of US Flights To IsraelConflict in the Middle East. The fighting in Israel and the Gaza Strip is so dangerous it's now having a worldwide impact. The FAA has grounded US flights into Israel, cutting off thousands of people from the country. Meanwhile, the death toll continues to rise, with more than 600 Palestinians and two dozen Israeli soldiers killed.

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