Outpouring Of Support For Sen. John McCain Following Cancer DiagnosisArizona Republican John McCain, who's in the midst of the healthcare fray, announced Wednesday that he has brain cancer.
Sen. John McCain Diagnosed With Brain CancerAccording to Sen. John McCain's office, he has been diagnosed with brain cancer following a surgery to remove a blood clot above his left eye. 
Sen. McCain Drops Support For Trump; Will Vote For Write-InSen. John McCain joined the growing chorus on Saturday of high-profile Republicans withdrawing support for Donald Trump.
Donald Trump Endorses Ryan, McCain Before Primary RacesAfter days of Donald Trump's public hesitation in backing House Speaker Paul Ryan during his Wisconsin primary race, the Republican presidential nominee to endorsed Ryan Friday evening at a rally in Green Bay.
Christie, Others Turn To McCain's Town Hall Playbook In 2016In the summer of 1999, John McCain didn't have many big names backing his campaign for president. He didn't have much money, either, and even resorted at one point to giving away ice cream to drum up a decent-size crowd.
Former Naval Academy Superintendent Dies At 77Arizona Sen. John McCain is praising former Naval Academy Superintendent Charles Larson, who died over the weekend, as a great man.
Opinion: Shame Of The SenateThe Brain Dead Republican Congress has had some low points, but last week's Senate vote on a United Nations treaty for the disabled was notable in its outrageousness.
Opinion: Susan Rice’s Meeting With GOP Leaders Made Benghazi Matters WorseNow that the Obama White House and senior intelligence officials have reportedly admitted that they approved Susan Rice’s inaccurate talking points about the Benghazi terrorist attack being the reaction to a protest about a film rather than a terrorist attack, the investigation must go on.

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