An NFL referee (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Opinion: The NFL Is Ruining Its Own Brand With Cheap Replacement Refs

Want to know what a company looks like when it fires all its experienced workers and hires on cheap replacements? Watch last night’s embarrassment of a game between Green Bay and Seattle. But this is about more than just a game. This is about a trend in our national economy where trained professionals are cast aside for inferior workers.



O’Malley Announces New Labor Secretary

Gov. Martin O’Malley has named a new labor secretary for Maryland.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Opinion: Democratic Party’s Lies And Spins

The blatant lies and the desperate spins generated from the “left” have been absolutely frightening. What’s extremely sad for them is that they don’t have a prayer of keeping the White House without creating lies and spinning obvious negatives into self-reported positives.


Barack Obama (Photo credit: SAUL LOEB/AFP/GettyImages)

Opinion: Obama’s Latest Class Warfare Speech

Obama’s latest speech on tax cuts for the middle class is just a retread of his tired class warfare rhetoric and strategy.


A closed factory in a working class neighborhood (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Opinion: You Weren’t Fired You Were Outsourced

Mitt Romney’s contortions to differentiate offshoring from outsourcing don’t matter to those who lost their jobs because of it.


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Labor Leaders Rally For Jobs

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown says Gov. Martin O’Malley’s budget will include substantial increases in transportation projects.



Panel On Public-Private Partnerships To Meet

A Maryland panel on oversight of public and private partnerships is meeting to discuss best practices.


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BLOG: We Have An Agreement….Wait, What?

I hope everything goes well and the Baltimore Ravens are back to work this weekend

105.7 The Fan–07/22/2011

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Frederick Schools Announce Labor Deals

The Frederick County school board is announcing tentative contract agreements with its teachers, staff and administrators.


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NFLPA Director DeMaurice Smith On NFL Lockout

Director of the NFL Players Association DeMaurice Smith joins The Scott Garceau Show for over 30 minutes of uninterrupted labor talk.

105.7 The Fan–05/18/2011

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Update From The NFL Labor Talks

ESPN Commentator Sal Paolantonio joined The Norris & Davis Show to give the latest on the NFL Lockout & Negotiation sessions.  Sal was at yesterday’s meetings.

105.7 The Fan–05/18/2011

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Evan Silva On The Ken Weinman Show

Ken Weinman talked about the NFL draft with Evan Silva of and

105.7 The Fan–04/01/2011