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Orioles & Ravens Streaker Sentenced To Jail Time

The man notorious for interrupting Ravens and Orioles games will have to spend a little time behind bars.


Mark Harvey Arrested

‘Batman Streaker’ Who Rushed The Field During O’s & Ravens Games Speaks With WJZ

The Batman streaker strikes again. The fan who jumped onto the field during Sunday’s Ravens game explains his actions.



Ravens Fan Faces Charges After Rushing The Field; Already Banned By O’s For Doing The Same Thing

A Ravens fan is facing criminal charges after rushing the field during a break in Sunday night’s game.


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Fans Rushing The Field Become Growing Concern At Camden Yards

Security scares at Camden Yards. Out-of-control fans are dashing on the field during the middle of Orioles games. Now security experts and players are sounding the alarm.


streaker, Batman, Mark Harvey

Man In Batman Cape & Undies Banned From Camden Yards For Life

Superheroes don’t usually go to jail. But a man dressed like Batman was arrested after storming the field during the Orioles’ season opener. Now he’s out of jail and talking to WJZ.