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Mark Viviano: Triumph Or Trouble

In the aftermath of a 21-point comeback win over lowly Arizona, it’s fair to ask of the Ravens: how did they get in the position of trailing a bad team by 3 touchdowns on your home field?


Mark Viviano

BLOG: Football Is Back — Good And Bad

Baltimore embraces the arrival of a new season for the Ravens and that energy was palpable in the city on Sunday. But with many things in life, there’s some bad that comes with the good. I’ve got my take on both.


Mark Viviano

BLOG: Remembering Mike Flanagan

Those of us who worked with Mike Flanagan and got to spend time with him are inclined to say what a privilege it was to know him. But, if you’re an Orioles fan and TV viewer, you knew him, too.


Mark Viviano

BLOG: Another Step Backwards?

Orioles president Andy MacPhail declared the team had taken “a giant step backwards” when he fired Dave Trembley as manager just over a year ago.


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BLOG: Arrieta Exhibit A–Dumb Stat

Congratulations, Jake Arrieta, and thank you! Thank you for being credited with nine victories – a number that has baseball analysts talking about your victory total and asking the all-important question: What do you make of a guy with a 4.50 ERA who has as many victories as any of the top pitchers in the game? Answer: WINS for pitchers is one of the dumbest stats in baseball and it’s born out in the Arrieta case.



Buck Showalter Says Farewell To The Mark Viviano Show

Mark Viviano gets a surprise call from O’s Manager Buck Showalter who wanted to wish him well on his last day of his radio show on 105.7 The Fan.


(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)’s James Walker’s James Walker with some Cleveland insight


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Steve Bernhardt Of The Baseball Factory On The Mark Viviano Show

Steve Bernhardt joins The Mark Viviano Show to discuss how he helps student athletes.



Gary Lambrecht On The Mark Viviano Show

Lacrosse Magazine’s Gary Lambrecht joined Mark and Bulldog to talk lacrosse, football and more.


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Terrapin Times’ Keith Cavanaugh

Keith Cavanaugh joins The Mark Viviano Show every Thursday.


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NFL Films’ Greg Cosell

Greg Cosell joins Mark and the Bulldog.


Mark Viviano

BLOG: Orioles–1st Quarter Report

Forty games into a 162-game season and the O’s have completed the first quarter- although with four rain-outs and three still to be made up, there’s some feeling of incompleteness. The record reads 19-21 and that’s the near-.500 mark most of us anticipated from what clearly is an improved team from last season.