Tom Brady In The Green?With Vinny off for the day (again), Rob fills in with a Stock Report of his own.
Bob Haynie: Offensive Line Play Must Improve For The RavensTo say that the 2013 Baltimore Ravens struggled on offense would be a massive understatement.
Matt Birk Welcomed Back To Baltimore For His Book SigningIt was a warm welcome for former Baltimore Raven Matt Birk when he came back for a visit.
Matt Birk Discusses His New Book And The Ethical Issues In The NFLMatt Birk joined Ed & Steve to talk about his new book and other NFL topics such as the language, Ray Rice and Michael Sam.
Matt Birk Tries To Explain The Ravens Run Game ProblemsMatt Birk joined Ed & Steve to talk about transitioning to new phases of life, the Ravens running game, and Superbowl 48.
Mark Zinno: Former LB Says What's Wrong With The RavensFormer Ravens LB Brendon Ayanbadejo joins Zinno on "Last Call" to discuss the state of the team.
Matt Birk Is Trying To Become A Male Model In His Post Ravens CareerMatt Birk joined Ed & Steve to talk about his weight loss and Ravens football....
Terry Ford: Well, I Guess It Wasn't All McKinney's FaultWe don't have Bryant McKinnie to kick around anymore...and the Ravens O-Line still had problems.
Steve Davis: What Running Game?One of the things the Ravens were convinced they were going to improve upon this year was the running game. Steve Davis asks what everyone is thinking: What running game?
Rob Long: When The Dust SettlesAfter witnessing what some believe to be the demise of the Baltimore Ravens, now would probably be a bad time to convince you not to panic.
Former Ravens Center Matt Birk Talks Life After FootballFormer Ravens Center Matt Birk joined Ed & Steve to talk about retiring and life after football.
Baltimore Ravens Center Matt Birk Announces His RetirementBaltimore Ravens veteran Matt Birk made a big announcement Friday morning.

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