Matthew Vandyke

Matthew Vandyke

Escaped Md. Writer Will Stay In Libya Until Gadhafi’s Gone

Instead of immediately heading home to the U.S. after breaking out of a Libyan prison, a Baltimore writer says he wants to stay until leader Moammar Gadhafi is gone.


Matthew Vandyke

Missing Md. Writer Escapes Libya Prison

A Maryland journalist held behind bars in Libya for nearly six months is free. Matthew VanDyke made contact with his mother for the first time Wednesday afternoon.


Matthew Vandyke

Ruppersberger Says Missing Md. Journalist Is In Libyan Custody

The Libyan government has acknowledged that a Baltimore writer who went missing in the early weeks of the conflict there is alive and in custody, Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger said Tuesday.


Matthew Vandyke

Missing Baltimore Journalist Seen In Libya

A U.S. congressman says that a Baltimore writer missing in Libya has been seen in a prison in Tripoli.


Matthew Vandyke

Mother Works To Free Her Missing Son In Libya

The uprising in Libya is at the center of a local mother’s search. Her son, a Baltimore journalist, disappeared during the first weeks of the struggle.


Matthew Vandyke

Md. Writer Among Journalists Missing In Libya

As the uprisings of the “Arab Spring” began to unfold, writer Matthew VanDyke was at home in Baltimore, editing
a book and film about his trips across the Middle East by motorcycle. An email from a friend in Libya convinced VanDyke
dispatches from that country’s war would make a perfect epilogue.


Matthew Vandyke

Libya: No Details On Missing Journalist From Md.

A senior Libyan official says he has no knowledge about the fate of an American journalist missing for more than nine weeks.


Matthew Vandyke

Ruppersberger Calls Attention To Man Missing In Libya

Maryland Rep. C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger says all means necessary must be used to find and safely bring home a Baltimore man who has been missing in Libya since March.


Matthew Vandyke

Search Continues For Baltimore Journalist Missing In Libya

Fighting for her son. Another night and still no word from a Baltimore man missing amid the violence in Libya.


Matthew Vandyke

Baltimore Journalist Missing In Libya

Lost in Libya, a Baltimore man is missing after travelling to that Arab country as war breaks out.