Howard County 'Hamburglar' Sentenced To 90 Days In JailThe woman who was caught on camera last year breaking into a Columbia McDonald’s through a drive-thru window has been sentenced.
Why McDonald's Is Flipping Its Arches For A DayMcDonald's is celebrating International Women's Day with a big, gleaming W.
What's Fresh At McDonald's? The Beef In Some BurgersMcDonald's is offering fresh beef rather than frozen patties in some burgers at thousands of restaurants.
McDonald's Is Bringing Back Szechuan SauceRick and Morty fans rejoice! McDonald's will be bringing back Szechuan Sauce.
McDonald's Slims Down Happy Meal By Banishing CheeseburgersMcDonald's will soon banish cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from its Happy Meal menu.
Chemical In McDonald's Fries May Cure Baldness, Study ClaimsScientists say that a chemical used in the cooking of the fast food chain's french fries may hold the cure for baldness.
McDonald's To Sell A McVegan Burger In EuropeMcDonald's is going vegan.
Suspected Serial Killer Was Teased By Co-Workers About Looking Like Wanted Serial KillerThe man charged in the murders of four people in Tampa was reportedly teased by his coworkers about looking like a serial killer.
Woman Climbs Through McDonald's Drive-Thru Window; Fills Up Drink, Steals CashPolice are searching for a thirsty burglary suspect, who went through the drive-thru window of a McDonald's to fill up a drink and steal several items.
Cop Celebrates Boy's Birthday When No One Picks Him Up At SchoolGreen Bay police say the boy's mother is currently in prison and the school didn't have any other family contacts to call.
Man Charged, Woman Sought For Sex In Pennsylvania McDonald'sPolice have charged a Maryland man with having oral sex in the dining room of a Pennsylvania McDonald's but say they're still searching for his female companion.
McDonald's Workers Tripped Up Facebook Slaying Suspect By Delaying FriesFacebook slaying suspect Steve Stephens was undone by a 20-piece Chicken McNuggets and an order of fries.

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