Mia Henderson

Mia Henderson, transgender woman murdered

Man Charged In The 2014 Murder Of Mia Henderson, Sibling Of NBA Player

The Baltimore Police Department have charged a man in the 2014 murder of a transgender woman.


Mia Henderson, transgender woman murdered

Transgender Women’s Killings Test Police Outreach

The day after Mia Henderson’s body was found in a Baltimore alley, Police Commissioner Anthony Batts invited members of the city’s LGBT community to a meeting. “We are listening. We are paying attention,” he told them. “We are responding, and we are taking this very seriously.”


Mia Henderson

Still No Arrests After 2 Transgender Women Killed In Baltimore

Two murders in two months and still no arrests. The transgender community in Baltimore has been frightened since the death of Mia Henderson.


Mia Henderson

Memorial To Be Held For Slain Transgender Woman

A memorial service for a transgender woman who was killed in Baltimore in early July will be held Saturday.


Mia Henderson

Police Investigate Second Transgender Murder This Summer

The search for a murderer continues in Baltimore City after a transgender woman is found dead.