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new worlds

NASA Confirms 715 New Planets, Including 4 That May Have Liquid Water

The hunt for life on other planets has some new contenders after the discovery of more than 700 new worlds by NASA.



Mars Rover ‘Opportunity’ Celebrates 10 Years Exploring The Red Planet

If it had lungs and Mars had oxygen, the little rover named “Opportunity” could blow out 10 birthday candles Saturday.


International Space Station

How Cool! NASA Orders Spacewalks To Repair International Space Station

NASA gives the green light for an emergency spacewalk to fix an external cooling system.


international space station

Cooling Unit On International Space Station Shuts Down

Two hundred miles up, there’s a problem — a potentially serious one for the International Space Station.


sun generic

Solar Flip-Flop: Sun’s Magnetic Poles Prepare To Switch Places

A solar flip-flop. Scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center say the sun is in the process of reversing its magnetic poles.



Thanksgiving Day Show In The Sky! Comet Ison Makes Close Encounter With The Sun

Close encounter! All eyes were on outer space as a comet barreled toward the sun. Would it survive this dangerous journey?


Goddard Space Flight Center

Md. Strikes Technology Transfer Deal With NASA To Help Boost Economy

Mixing rocket science and business. That’s what NASA and Maryland have signed on to do.



New Spacecraft Might Reveal How Mars Lost Air And Water

Cracking a Martian mystery. That’s what NASA hopes to achieve with a new spacecraft.



Revising The Math: Chances Of Asteroid Hitting Earth Greater Than Once Thought

It appears Earth has dodged more bullets than expected. Last February’s meteor blast over Siberia sent NASA scientists back to their computers.


rocket to poly

Budding Baltimore Scientists Take Off In Rocket Launching Competition

Students from three Baltimore City middle schools are competing in Rocket into Poly—a rocket launching competition at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute.


Comet ISON

NASA Declares End To ‘Deep Impact’ Comet Mission

A spacecraft that gave scientists their first peek into a comet’s icy interior will explore no more, NASA said Friday.



Eye Of The Storm: NASA Drones Dive Into Hurricanes In Search Of Secrets

Drones built for surveillance are being converted into hurricane hunters. It’s a NASA program operating south of Ocean City.