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Naval Academy

Naval Academy Student Sentenced To 6 Months For Rape

A U.S. Naval Academy student has been sentenced to six months confinement and dismissal from the Navy for raping a fellow student.


Naval Academy

Naval Academy Midshipman Found Guilty Of Rape

A seven-member military panel has found a Naval Academy midshipman guilty of raping and sexually assaulting a female midshipman.


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Midshipman Rape Case Referred To Court-Martial

The superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy has referred the case of a midshipman accused of rape to court-martial.


Naval Academy

Naval Academy Weighs Court Martial In Rape Case

A U.S. Naval Academy officer is deciding whether a midshipman accused of raping another midshipman should be court-martialed, following a day-long hearing punctuated by the victim’s testimony.


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Naval Academy To Hear Rape Case

A hearing will be held at the U.S. Naval Academy to determine whether a midshipman will be court-martialed.


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Hearing Scheduled In Naval Academy Rape Case

The U.S. Naval Academy has scheduled a misconduct hearing for a student accused of raping a female midshipman.