Photo Credit: Mindie Burgoyne

Park Rangers Struggle To Keep The Horses Wild

They’re Assateague Island’s famous wild horses. Park officials said the very thing that makes the horses a national treasure and draws millions of visitors to this 48,000-acre seashore south of Ocean City each year is under threat: Their wildness.



Suspect In Beating Allowed To Travel To Israel

Eliyahu Werdesheim,23 was arrested and released, but headed back to court after police learned he had plans to leave the country Monday night.


DNR boat

New Technology Allows Police To Patrol Bay In A New Way

There’s a lot more water than there are water cops in Maryland. But on the Chesapeake, a whole new way of Patrolling is starting up.


Eliyahu Werdesheim

Jewish Patrol Member Accused Of Striking Teen

A member of a community action group that patrols one Baltimore neighborhood is under fire, accused of assaulting a teenager.