Pit Bulls

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Bipartisan Task Force In Annapolis To Debate Court Ruling Concerning Pit Bulls

The decision to label pit bulls dangerous in Maryland has many dog owners upset. Now, lawmakers are looking into the controversial ruling.



Md.Lawmakers Form Pit Bull Task Force

Maryland lawmakers have been appointed to a task force to study the impact of a court ruling by the state’s highest court on pit bulls.


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Animal Rights Advocates To Fight Appeals Court Ruling Labeling Pit Bulls As ‘Dangerous’

The fight over the danger of pit bulls is raging on. A recent court ruling singles out the breed as more dangerous than other dogs. That’s causing problems for pit bull owners all over the state.


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Pit Bulls Rescued From Dogfighting Ring Ready For Adoption

A victory for a group of pit bulls rescued from a Baltimore County dogfighting operation. After two years being held as police evidence, most of the dogs known as “the pit six” are ready for adoption.


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Pit Bull Owners Defend Their Pets

Maryland’s highest court ruled that pit bulls are inherently dangerous. That decision caused some landlords to evict dog owners and adoptions to scale off.


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Animal Lovers Want Pit Bull Ruling Overturned

Animal lovers converged on Annapolis to try to influence a legislature trying to solve a budget problem.


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Pit Bull Owners Forced To Choose Between Their Homes & Pets After Court Ruling

The recent Court of Appeals ruling declaring all pit bulls as dangerous animals is now affecting pit bull owners who rent their homes.


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Fallout After Md. Rules Pit Bulls A Vicious Breed

Dog lovers are sounding off about a Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that pit bulls are an inherently dangerous breed.


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Md. Court Rules Pit Bulls ‘More Vicious’; Owners Could Be Held Accountable For Attacks

Controversy grows over dangerous dogs. A ruling by the state’s highest court singles out pit bulls as more vicious than other breeds. If pit bulls attack, it could cost their owners, and even their landlords, big money.


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Baltimore Co. Man Sentenced In Animal Abuse Case

A Baltimore County man is sentenced to prison time for his role in a dogfighting operation. The animals found in his care were dirty, malnourished and mutilated. Amazingly, some of them survived.