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Baltimore City Communities Show Support For Reusable Bag Bill

Plastic bags in Baltimore City could soon be history. Saturday, communities united to show support for a reusable bag bill.


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Prince George’s To Begin New Bag Law

Plastic bags are no longer allowed to be used for yard waste collection in Prince George’s County.


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Baltimore City Hearing On Plastic, Paper Bag Fee Canceled

The Baltimore City Council Judiciary and Legislative Investigations Committee is hearing the pros and cons of a fee on plastic and paper bags.


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Montgomery To Hold Hearing On Bag Tax Changes

The Montgomery County Council is scheduled to hold a hearing on proposed changes to the county’s 5-cent tax on carryout bags.


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Montgomery County Considering Changes To Bag Tax

Montgomery County is considering changing its five-cent tax on bags.


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Prince George’s Council Supports 5-Cent Bag Tax

The Prince George’s County Council has voted in support of legislation that would create a 5-cent disposable bag tax like the ones in the nation’s capital and Montgomery County.


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Montgomery Co. To Charge Shoppers Extra For Plastic, Paper Bags

Bring your own or pay up. Some stores right here in Maryland will now charge you more money to take your purchases home in a plastic or paper bag. Now the question is whether the tax is needed statewide.


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Using Grocery Bags Could Soon Cost You

It could soon cost you more money to carry your groceries home in plastic bags.