Naval Academy Students Finish Plebe Summer, See Families For First Time In 7 WeeksNaval Academy students, about 1,200 of them, reached a major milestone in their military careers today: Completing their first summer of training.
Class Of 2020 Reunites With Family At Naval AcademyThere were hundreds of heartfelt reunions in Annapolis on Friday morning as the first year midshipmen completed their summer training.
Plebe Summer Ends For U.S. Naval Academy Class Of 2019Six weeks to toughen up for the next four years. It's called Plebe Summer at the U.S. Naval Academy.
Naval Academy Experiencing Lower AttritionU.S. Naval Academy officials say the school's attrition rate continues to drop.
New Navy Students Get To Meet With FamiliesAfter spending a rigorous summer away at the U.S. Naval Academy, the first-year students are rewarded with a special reunion.
Plebe Summer At Naval Academy Comes To An End Six grueling weeks of hardcore physical fitness and discipline come to an end for 1,200 Naval Academy plebes.
Incoming Freshmen Begin Their Training At Naval AcademyThe Naval Academy's newest students get their first taste of military life.
Plebe Summer Ends At U.S. Naval AcademyThough most of us have never experienced it, Friday marks a unique rite of summer.
Induction Day Marks The Start Of Grueling Plebe Summer At The Naval AcademyMore than 1,200 men and women began their four-year journey on Thursday at the Naval Academy in Annapolis.

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