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Homegrown Pocomoke Store Celebrates 80 Years

Opening its doors in 1933, Scher’s Bridal Shop has been a staple of the Pocomoke community and is a prime example for showing how a small family-owned business can sustain itself.


chicken fire

Perdue Fire On Eastern Shore Kills 8,000 Chickens

Thousands of chickens are killed in a massive fire on the Eastern Shore.



6,000 Chicks Die In Fire At Perdue Facility

Officials at Perdue farms say 6,000 chicks were killed in a fire at its research facility near Pocomoke City.


missing couple

Elderly Couple Goes Missing On Drive To Florida

Maryland State Police are looking for an elderly couple who left Pocomoke to move to Florida and have not been heard from for more than a week.


generic shooting

Man Convicted Of Murder In 2010 Shooting

A jury has convicted a Pocomoke man of first-degree murder in the shooting last year.