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U.S. In Grip Of What Experts Call ‘Pollen Tsunami’

If you have red, itchy eyes or stuffed-up sinuses, you are not alone. Allergy experts across the country are warning of a “pollen tsunami.”


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WEATHER BLOG: A Fine Run Of Weather

Mother Nature is following the script, which will take up to a fine run of weather Friday-Saturday-Sunday-Monday!


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WEATHER BLOG: The Pollen Vortex

Wednesday will be a windy one, and ya know what that means: The Pollen Vortex.


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Feeling Spring Sniffles And Sneezes? Blame It On The Wet Winter

After a tough winter, you may be breathing a sigh of relief over the mild weather we’ve seen lately. But, don’t inhale too deeply because a wet weather could wreak havoc on allergies.


pollen ragweed

Ragweed Season Is Near Its Peak

There’s a reason you might be sneezing and sniffling right now. The pollen count is pretty high.


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Honeybee Hives Disappearing At High Rates In Md.

They’re dying off around the country but in Maryland, honeybees have recently been vanishing twice as fact.



Stuffy Spring: Pollen Levels On The Rise As Allergy Season In Full Bloom

A warning for people who suffer from allergies. Pollen levels are causing major problems in Maryland, and it may get worse in the days to come.



Global Warming May Double Pollen By 2040

A new computer model forecasting future pollen levels reveals a mass increase is on its way.