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Gas Prices Going Up As Temperatures Start To Rise

Just in time for Memorial Day weekend, gas prices are back on the rise. Prices were steadily falling most of the year. But now with summer drawing closer, prices are going up.


Gas Prices

Gas Prices Are Back Up, But Why?

After a quick drop, gas prices are back on the rise.


gas prices

AAA: Maryland Drivers Paying $2.22 Per Gallon, Down 11 Cents

Motorists in Maryland are paying 11 cents less at the pump when compared with a week ago.


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AAA: Md. Drivers Will See Lower Gas Prices In Coming Weeks

The price at the pump is on a downward trend in Maryland.


gas prices

AAA: Md. Drivers Paying $3.70 Per Gallon

Motorists in Maryland are paying three cents more at the pump when compared with a week ago.


gas prices

Wacky Winter Weather Drops Demand, Raises Gas Prices

They’re going up again. Experts say wicked winter weather and a drop in demand are creating a perfect storm for a boost in gas prices.


gas prices

New Study Shows Howard County Has Highest Gas Prices In The Region

A fight at the pump. Some Howard County business owners are trying to tighten regulations to keep new gas stations out.


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AAA: International Unrest Is A Factor In Gas Price Hike

Prices at the pump have taken a dramatic rise. If you haven’t filled up lately, you’ll see it soon.


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D.C.-Area Drivers Paying A Penny Less At The Pump

Motorists in the Mid-Atlantic region are paying a penny less at the pump this week.


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Community Bank Gives Free Gas To 200 Lucky Drivers

It’s not every day you have a chance to get some free gas, but it happened Wednesday morning in Pikesville.


Gas Prices

Pain At The Pump: Gas Prices Continue to Increase

The chaos in Libya has sent oil prices skyrocketing. Gas prices are now at a two-year high.


gas prices

Gas Prices Starting To Increase Pre-Thanksgiving

With the holiday season fast approaching, many eyes are watching gas prices.