Gas Prices

Gas Prices Are Back Up, But Why?

After a quick drop, gas prices are back on the rise.


gas prices

AAA: Maryland Drivers Paying $2.22 Per Gallon, Down 11 Cents

Motorists in Maryland are paying 11 cents less at the pump when compared with a week ago.


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AAA: Md. Drivers Will See Lower Gas Prices In Coming Weeks

The price at the pump is on a downward trend in Maryland.


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AAA: Md. Drivers Paying $3.70 Per Gallon

Motorists in Maryland are paying three cents more at the pump when compared with a week ago.


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Wacky Winter Weather Drops Demand, Raises Gas Prices

They’re going up again. Experts say wicked winter weather and a drop in demand are creating a perfect storm for a boost in gas prices.


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New Study Shows Howard County Has Highest Gas Prices In The Region

A fight at the pump. Some Howard County business owners are trying to tighten regulations to keep new gas stations out.


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AAA: International Unrest Is A Factor In Gas Price Hike

Prices at the pump have taken a dramatic rise. If you haven’t filled up lately, you’ll see it soon.


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D.C.-Area Drivers Paying A Penny Less At The Pump

Motorists in the Mid-Atlantic region are paying a penny less at the pump this week.


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Community Bank Gives Free Gas To 200 Lucky Drivers

It’s not every day you have a chance to get some free gas, but it happened Wednesday morning in Pikesville.


Gas Prices

Pain At The Pump: Gas Prices Continue to Increase

The chaos in Libya has sent oil prices skyrocketing. Gas prices are now at a two-year high.


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Gas Prices Starting To Increase Pre-Thanksgiving

With the holiday season fast approaching, many eyes are watching gas prices.