Ravens-Orioles Scheduling Conflict

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Steve Davis: Ravens Home Opener Not Orioles Fault

It’s easy to blame the Orioles for a lot of things over the last 15 years. Standing in the way of the Ravens opening at home Thursday, September 5th is not one of them.


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Double Booked: Ravens & Orioles Face Scheduling Conflict

Double booked. There’s a scheduling conflict between the World Champion Baltimore Ravens and the Orioles. Both teams are supposed to play the same night and there’s just not enough room to accommodate all those fans.


New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles - Game One

Glenn Younes: A Changing Time

It’s funny how important time is, the real thing we can’t get enough of. We all share in that feeling don’t we, that we don’t have enough time? Sharing tasks with another is a necessity called multitasking and it’s essential. But it’s an impossibility in major pro sports.


Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens

Glenn Younes Gives His Take On Opening Night

Glenn Younes opened his show with his usual rant on Monday night. But this rant got Glenn all fired up about both of his home teams.

105.7 The Fan–03/19/2013

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Ravens & Orioles Have Scheduling Conflict

The Ravens have discovered a downside to winning the Super Bowl: they’re locked in a scheduling fight with the Orioles.