House Of Delegates To Make Changes To Expanded Gambling Bill

It’s a heated debate, and it’s far from over. There are new questions about the impact of expanded gambling in Maryland, and the special session could take a turn.


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Judge Allows Referendum On Congressional Redistricting; Appeal Planned

A Maryland judge has allowed a referendum on the state’s congressional redistricting map to continue after a challenge by the Maryland Democratic Party, but an appeal is planned.


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Catholic Supporters Of Same-Sex Marriage Gather To Discuss Issue

The debate of same-sex marriage gets emotional. Tuesday, parents with gay children spoke out, seeking support despite religious conflict.


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Group Spent $160K To Put Gay Marriage To Md. Vote

A campaign finance report shows that opponents of Maryland’s same-sex marriage law spent more than $160,000 to force a referendum on the issue this November.


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Dream Act Supporters Campaign For In-State Tuition For The Undocumented

Wednesday was a break-out day for supporters of the Dream Act. An active campaign is now underway urging voters to uphold a new state law that offers in-state tuition to undocumented students.


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Signature Count Gets Closer In Md. Redistricting

Advocates are close to gathering enough signatures for a referendum on Maryland’s new congressional map.


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Redistricting Map Foes Say They Are Confident In Referendum

Republican opponents of Maryland’s congressional redistricting map expressed confidence Monday that they have submitted enough valid signatures to give voters a chance to reject it in November. Democrats questioned whether the GOP had reached its goal.


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Same-Sex Marriage Opponents Add More Signatures

Opponents of same-sex marriage in Maryland are calling additional signatures to put the matter on the ballot an exclamation point.


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Supporters & Opponents Of Gay Marriage Raise Funds Ahead Of November Referendum

Marylanders may be bombarded with ads for and against same-sex marriage. Supporters on both sides of the issue are planning their strategies which includes some high-level fundraising.


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Maryland Court Affirms Tuition Ballot Question

Marylanders can vote on whether to allow undocumented students to attend college at in-state tuition rates.


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Md. High Court Hears ‘Dream Act’ Referendum Debate

Attorneys for an immigrant advocacy group are trying to convince Maryland’s highest court that a new law to provide college tuition rates to illegal immigrants doesn’t belong on the ballot.


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Same-Sex Marriage To Go To Referendum In November

It’s official. The voters will decide if same-sex marriage will be legal in Maryland. The Board of Elections validates enough signatures for a referendum. And now, the nation watches to see if the state’s new law can survive the polls.