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Md. Researchers Help Keep Whooping Cranes From Edge Of Extinction

It was on the edge of extinction. But thanks to researchers in Maryland, America’s largest bird is still flying.



Researchers Develop Blood Test To Diagnose Concussions

There’s a breakthrough that could make diagnosing concussions easier and faster. Researchers have developed a new blood test.


mars microbe

Researchers Study Organism’s Survival Secrets For Possible Life On Mars

NASA’s announcement this week that there was once water capable of supporting life on Mars was big news. But smaller scale research is underway in Baltimore that could now point the way to life on Mars.


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Researchers Say Sleep Could Be The Answer To Weight Loss

Could the answer to staying slim and sharp be as simple as sleep?



Md. Researchers Issue Fracking Recommendations

Researchers commissioned by a state panel studying natural gas drilling in western Maryland have come up with recommendations.


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Researchers Still Actively Examining Gulf War Syndrome

The causes and effects of Gulf War Syndrome still plague researchers and some veterans.



Va. Meeting To Discuss Sustainable Oysters, Crabs

Oysters and crabs are on the agenda for researchers meeting this week to discuss sustainable fisheries in the Chesapeake Bay.


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Laser Spark Plugs Could Cut Auto Emissions

Laser spark plugs could help cut emissions from your car.


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Researchers Tell How Anthrax May Have Been Made

A retired researcher at the Army lab believed to be the source of anthrax spores used in deadly 2001
mailings gave his views recently on how they may have been made.