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Henson Testifies In Election Robocall Trial

Campaign consultant Julius Henson is accused of using Election Day robocalls to suppress black voter turnout. Now he’s taking the stand in his own defense.


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Voice Behind Controversial Election Rococall Testifies Against Her Boss, Julius Henson

She was the voice behind the controversial 2010 Election Night robocall. Now she’s the star witness in the case against her boss– the man who wrote the robocall–political consultant Julius Henson.


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Unexpected Delay In Election Night Robocall Trial

There’s a delay in the trial against the campaign consultant accused in the 2010 Election Night robocall controversy. Julius Henson will have to wait to try to convince a jury of his innocence.


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Defense Argues Robocall Case Is Unconstitutional

The First Amendment doesn’t protect fraud. That’s the ruling from a Baltimore judge against the man behind the controversial 2010 Election Night robocalls on behalf of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Ehrlich.


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Ehrlich Defends Campaign Manager In Robocall Trial

Election Night robocall controversy. Former Gov. Bob Ehrlich takes the stand to defend a former top aide who prosecutors say tried to suppress the vote during Ehrlich’s rematch with Gov. Martin O’Malley.


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Woman Who Recorded Controversial Election Night Robocall Takes The Stand

The prosecution continues to build its case against one of the men who ran former Governor Bob Ehrlich’s campaign last year.



Defense Says Controversial Election Day Robocalls Were Used As Reverse Psychology

Opening arguments have begun in the case against the man who ran Bob Ehrlich’s campaign for governor. He’s one of two men accused in last year’s robocall controversy on election night.



Opening Arguments To Begin Tuesday In Robocall Case Against Former Ehrlich Aide

Prosecutors say the head of Bob Ehrlich’s 2010 campaign for governor used illegal tactics to try to win the election against Gov. Martin O’ Malley. Now that Ehrlich aide is defending himself in a Baltimore courtroom.


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Trial Over Robocalls Delayed For Ehrlich Political Operative

Justice delayed. The trial for the man behind the controversial 2010 Election Night robocalls has been postponed.


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Judge Denies Stay In Robo-Calls Civil Suit

A federal judge has refused to halt a civil suit filed by Maryland’s attorney general over last-minute Election Day robo-calls in the governor’s race.


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Ehrlich Robocall Could Become Md. Political Fodder

Some political observers say alleged efforts by former Gov. Robert Ehrlich’s campaign to keep black voters away from the polls last November could become fodder for Democrats.


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Schurick’s Attorney Calls Robocall Scandal Charges Against Client A ‘Mistake’

A big mistake. That’s how his attorney describes the charges against a former Ehrlich aide in Maryland’s Election Day robocall scandal.