Italian Group Rockin’ 1,000 Cover White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’At any given Ravens matchup or Orioles game, you can hear the "Ooh ohh ohh's" as a cheer for a home run or a touchdown sung by thousands of fans, but you've never hear it quite like this.
How 'Seven Nation Army' Became The Ravens Pump-Up Song...And The 4 Songs They Almost Played InsteadHere's how "Seven Nation Army" became the Raven's "pump up" song...and the four songs the Ravens almost used instead.
Fans Excited To Watch The Ravens Monday NightRavens fans arrived at Canton bars hours early to watch the Ravens/Jaguars game on Monday Night Football.
Fans Say It Will Take A ‘Seven Nation Army’ To Defeat RavensThe popular song "Seven Nation Army" has quickly become a hit at M&T Bank Stadium.

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