Stink Bugs

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WEATHER BLOG: The Return Of The Cold

Wednesday morning’s now is, simply put, annoying. It produced 1 to 2 inches only but enough of a glaze to be problematic. The bigger problem will be the return of the cold.


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Md. Farmers Brace For Stink Bugs

Farmers cope with unpredictable weather patterns that often affect their bottom lines, but the people whose job it is to feed Americans and, in some cases, the world, also must contend with pests.


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In 2013, Stink Bugs Not As Invasive In Maryland

About 130 farmers welcomed the prediction that the brown mamorated stink bug population will not be as invasive this year as it was in 2011.


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Stink Bugs Rebounding In Maryland

Farmers and scientists say stink bugs are back in a big way in Maryland.


Stink Bugs

Stink Bug Numbers Down, Wet Fall Eyed As Reason

Stink bug numbers are down, and researchers say they suspect the wet fall weather across the mid-Atlantic may be the reason.


Stink Bugs

Stink Bugs Focus Of Winemaker Meeting

Stink bugs are hard on grapes, but they apparently don’t affect the flavor of wine.



Government Eases Pesticide Rules To Target Stink Bugs

The possibility of massive crop loss from the brown marmorated stink bug has convinced the federal government to ease some of its pesticide rules.


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Stink Bugs Threatening To Destroy Summer Crops

It’s an army marching on its stomach, and Maryland crops are on the menu. Brown marmorated stink bugs native to Asia are threatening to destroy crops this summer.


Stink Bugs

Natural Predator May Be Answer To Stopping Stink Bugs

Looking for a natural born killer to go after a foreign invader. The target is the Asian stink bug, which has been crawling inside Maryland homes all winter.


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Stink Bugs Make A Comeback In Maryland

They’ve been bugging people all winter long. But the Maryland homes Asian stink bugs have been sheltering in are poised to become the launching pads for a full-scale invasion.