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Illegal Net In Chesapeake Had Tons Of Rockfish

Authorities say an illegal rockfish net found off Tilghman Island had more than three tons of fish.


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U.S. Sting Aimed At Va. Bass Charters

Investigators seized records and electronics equipment from charter boats this week as part of a crackdown on striped bass fishing in off-limits federal waters.


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Md. Reopening Gill Net Season For Final 2 Days

Maryland Natural Resources officials say commercial striped bass gill netting will be allowed for the final two days of the season, which had been closed after the seizure of illegal nets and tons of poached rockfish.


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Police Find More Illegal Rockfish Nets

Maryland Natural Resources police say they’ve found more illegal rockfish nets in the Chesapeake Bay.


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Police Continue Search For Striped Bass Poachers

Even though the striped bass season is closed to honest watermen, it hasn’t stopped poachers from laying illegal nets.


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Police Seize More Rockfish From Illegal Nets

Maryland Natural Resources police say they’ve found two more illegal nets in the Chesapeake Bay, filled with nearly two tons of striped bass.


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More Rockfish Seized From Illegal Nets

Investigators are widening their net, trying to hunt down whoever is illegally pulling tons of striped bass out of the bay.


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Striped Bass Fishing Season Ending Early

They cheat and steal, while those who play by the rules are being hurt. Poachers on the Chesapeake have taken so much fish that their actions have triggered drastic action by the state.


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Tons Of Poached Bass Seized By Police

Ten tons and counting. That’s the amount of poached striped bass seized by police in waters near the Bay Bridge. Investigators won’t specifically say how they’re finding these illegal hauls.


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Officials Make Another Poaching Bust

There has been another big poaching bust in the bay.