Md. Citizens Learning Skills To Save Lives In The Event Of A Violent AttackA program called Bleeding Control aims to teach everyday Americans life-saving skills like using hands, dressings, and tourniquets to stop bleeding in the case of a violent attack in Maryland.
Father Of American Killed In Barcelona: 'I Just Don't Understand'The father of the American killed in the Barcelona terror attack said he cannot understand how anybody could do that type of thing to innocent people.
ISIS-Inspired Attack In London Brings Concern In MarylandThe latest ISIS-inspired attack in London shows how terrorists can make a big impact on a small scale.
TSA Tightening Security Amid Potential Terror Attacks Involving ElectronicsUnder growing fear of potential terrorist attacks on board flights the TSA is tightening up security even more.
Terror Suspect Disrupts Travel in BaltimoreThe discovery of pipe bombs outside an Elizabeth, New Jersey train station disrupted travel on Amtrak's entire northeast corridor, impacting thousands of riders in Baltimore.
FBI: Potential Fourth Of July Terror Attacks FoiledThe FBI releases new information about several potential attacks foiled before the July 4th weekend.
CBS News Correspondent John Miller Talks About Boston Terrorist AttackCBS News correspondent John Miller joined Ed & Steve to talk about the Bombings in Boston.

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