Three Mile Island

Peach Bottom nuclear plant

WJZ Investigates The Safety Of Nearby Nuclear Power Plants

Recent power failures at nuclear plants in Tuscaloosa, Ala.— where the backup system worked— and Fukushima, Japan— where it didn’t— make you wonder what would happen here. Thousands of Marylanders live in the shadow of nearby nuclear power plants.


Three Mile Island – Pennsylvania

Radiation From Japan Makes Its Way To Maryland

Some radiation from Japan has already made its way to the United States. State health officials confirm they’ve detected small levels of radiation right here in Maryland.


nuclear plant

Japan Disaster Prompts Concerns For Md. Nuclear Safety

The unfolding nuclear crisis in Japan has raised concerns over how vulnerable Maryland would be in a similar disaster.


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Dangerous Levels Of Radiation Seep Out Of Japanese Plant; Concerns Grow In U.S.

The United States is taking a closer look at radiation fears. Tokyo is seeing normal levels of radiation. Scientists say it does not pose a health threat, but it’s a different story closer to the plant.


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Japan Disaster Causes Some To Worry About Nuclear Safety

Seeing the disaster in Japan has many people in Maryland worried about the safety of nuclear power plants here.