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WEATHER BLOG:Warm Springtime Teaser

Yes, we’re still spreading the word that most temperatures will peak in the 60s and low 70s today. We’ll get our “Warm Springtime Teaser” this afternoon before a progressively cooler pattern (actually, you can just […]


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WEATHER BLOG: Ball Rolling

We ‘started the ball rolling’ yesterday by predicting a general 1-3 inches of new snow out of this upcoming event, knowing that some ‘fine-tuning’ would be in order…


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WEATHER BLOG: Above Average Temps

Westerly flow brought drier air…which in turn allowed for sunny skies. Despite snow cover, the west flow has squeezed every degree, and then some out of the atmosphere.


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WEATHER BLOG: Comfortable Temps, FINALLY!

A series of fronts will swing through the area this weekend.


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WEATHER BLOG: Black Ice A Concern

Clouds broke across the region this afternoon, allowing temperatures to rise well into the 40s. We will have some snow melt and we will have to watch for some ponding on area roadways.


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WEATHER BLOG: Bitter Cold Air Arrives

As expected, the latest blast of bitterly cold air has arrived on schedule.


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WEATHER BLOG: Snow/Rain On The Way

Precipitation will be starting in the Greater Baltimore Area between 4 and 7 p.m. today.


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WEATHER BLOG: Chilly And Sunny

Today will be chilly and sunny, in the mid 30s around the region as high pressure slowly moves to the east.


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WEATHER BLOG: Normal Friday, Cold Friday Night

What a difference the sun can make. Today, with a decent amount of sun and just a thin cloud layer, we edged up to a daytime high of 40 degrees.


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A pretty dry and calm day holding on and transitioning into a peaceful evening. However, by dawn we could start seeing precipitation moving in. Temps will dictate what falls around the region.


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WEATHER BLOG: Getting Chilly

Meteorologist Tim Williams says it’s getting chilly!



WEATHER BLOG: Dry And Seasonable

After a relatively nice day yesterday reaching a high of 42 at BWI-Marshall and 40 at Inner Harbor, things will continue to remain dry and seasonable to start our weekend.