Travers And Tremayne Johnson

travers and tremayne johnson

Twins Acquitted Of Fatal Dog Burning In Retrial

Not guilty on all counts. A jury has acquitted twin brothers accused of lighting a pit bull puppy on fire.


travers and tremayne johnson

Prosecution Struggles In Second Trial For Twins Accused Of Setting Pit Bull On Fire

In the case against twin brothers accused of setting a dog on fire, the lead detective tries to convince a jury he arrested the right suspects.



Witness Refuses To Testify In Trial For Twins Accused Of Setting Pit Bull On Fire

Testimony continues in the second trial of the twin brothers accused of setting a pit bull on fire.


travers and tremayne johnson

Jurors Watch Surveillance Video In Retrial Of Twins Accused Of Torching Pit Bull

Gut-wrenching opening arguments in the retrial for the Baltimore twin brothers accused of setting a dog on fire then leaving it to die.


johnson twins, Phoenix

Trial For Teens Accused Of Setting Dog On Fire Postponed

When a dog was set on fire in Baltimore, the case stunned the city with its cruelty and callousness. The two teens accused of that crime were to go on trial for the second time Wednesday, but the case has been pushed back.


johnson twins, Phoenix

Landmark Dog Abuse Case Ends In Mistrial

Supporters of Phoenix the dog will have to wait even longer for justice. She was set on fire and didn’t survive. Now, after a judge declared a mistrial in the case of two teenagers, many wonder what will be next.



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