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Baltimore Police Using Technology Secretly To Tap Into Thousands Of Cell Phones

The revelation the police were using the technology secretly was first reported by our media partner The Baltimore Sun after a city detective testified about if the first time Wednesday in open court.


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Baltimore Police Often Surveil Cellphones Amid US Secrecy

The Baltimore Police Department has used secretive cellphone surveillance equipment 4,300 times and believes it is under orders by the U.S. government to withhold evidence from criminal trials and ignore subpoenas in cases where the device is used, a police officer testified Wednesday.


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Senate Passes $1.1 trillion Spending Bill, Sends To Obama

A $1.1 trillion spending bill is on its way to President Barack Obama for his signature.


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GM Buys Back $5.5 Billion In Stock From The U.S. Government

A General Motors buyback will reduce the federal government’s stake in the automaker by 40 percent.