Putin Unveils Russia's New 'Invincible' Nuclear Weapons, Blames U.S. For Withdrawing From TreatyIn a nationally televised speech on Mar. 1, Vladimir Putin showed off a wide array of underwater drones, cruise missiles, and ICBMs
Putin Announces 2018 Re-Election Bid, Ends Long SpeculationRussian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday he would seek re-election next year in a race he is poised to win easily, putting him on track to become the nation’s longest-serving ruler since Soviet dictator Josef Stalin.
Putin Says Russia Won't Expel US Diplomats In Hacking Flap President Vladimir Putin ruled out any move to kick out American diplomats in response to Washington's move.
Obama, Rapping Putin, Says U.S. Could Strike Back On CyberPresident Obama put Putin on notice that the U.S. could use cyber muscle to retaliate for interference in the U.S. presidential election
Trump Takes Issue With Clinton's Criticism Of PutinDonald Trump on Thursday criticized rival Hillary Clinton for being too tough on Vladimir Putin, once again raising eyebrows.
A Special Thanksgiving DinnerJeremy invited a few of his friends over for a special Thanksgiving dinner…
Top 4 Most Troublesome Athlete SelfiesHere is a list of most troublesome athlete #selfies.
Russia's President Says Snowden Is In Moscow; Won't Be ExtraditedRussia's president is speaking out about NSA leaker and former Maryland resident Edward Snowden.

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