Marylanders Are Out Enjoying The Warm TemperaturesWith this warm-up, many people are out enjoying the weather while it lasts.
WEATHER BLOG: More Warm WeatherA couple of additional days of very warm weather, which should reach its peak in many areas east of the Appalachians on Saturday, is the highlight of our forecast over the next several days.
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WEATHER BLOG: Warm... For NowThis round of warm weather will come to a peak Wednesday. Temperatures will top out near 80 degrees, close to the record of 82 degrees. And even though we back off the 80s for the rest of the week, it will still remain warm and way above the average of 64 degrees.
WEATHER BLOG: Warmer WeatherWarmer weather is going to be common across much of the Eastern Region over the next few days, as a high pressure system continues to spread out across the Midwest and Great Lakes.
WEATHER BLOG: A Warm Sunday But Showers Expected Early Next WeekWhat a spectacular Saturday - weather-wise, and otherwise. This has got to be a Top 10 day. We topped out at 70 degrees with wall-to-wall sunshine, low humidity and a light breeze.
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BLOG: Warm AgainAlthough there's a "back-door" style cool front that is pressing southward along the East Coast early in the morning, it will probably not have any major impact on our temperature profile Thursday.
Locals Take Advantage Of The Unseasonably Warm WeatherThe unseasonably warm weather is definitely being enjoyed throughout Baltimore.
BLOG: Above-Average Temps Saturday; Cold Weather Ahead Later In The WeekWe topped out at 66 degrees Saturday afternoon. That is way above the average of 41 degrees, but not quite the record of 74 degrees.
BLOG: Comfortable DecemberThe weekend will conclude on a chilly note with temperatures several degrees below average over the Northeast. The cold trough responsible for the colder weather will quickly head eastward as we head through the night with warmer air poised to move in for Monday.
BLOG: Very Mild AgainSometimes the weather pattern presents unique challenges... and sometimes the challenges are not so unique, quite common, and still difficult to forecast for.

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