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Warm, Dry Winter Bringing Chesapeake To Life Early

Crabs are crawling early out of the mud in the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay, and that’s only the beginning of changes expected from the warm, dry winter in the nation’s largest estuary.


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Warm Winter Gives Insects An Early Jump To Spring Season

As a warm winter gives way to an early spring, it’s not just flowers popping up. It’s bugs.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Incredible Weather

Incredible. We all know that it’s been a warm winter, but it’s pretty incredible just how warm it’s been and for how long.


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BGE: Warm Winter Means Lower Bills

Baltimore Gas and Electric customers can expect to pay $100 to $200 less to heat their homes this winter.


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Md. Municipalities Saving Money During Mild Winter

This winter’s unusually mild weather bodes well for taxpayers and local government, who stand to save a fair amount of money so long as temperatures stay high and snowplows stay parked.