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WEATHER BLOG: Below Normal Again

If you liked Wednesday’s sun, you will love Thursday. With sunny skies, temperatures will climb into the mid 50s. That is still 10 below normal but milder than Wednesday’s breezy 49.


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WEATHER BLOG: Partly Sunny, High Of 64!

Looks like our next rain won’t be until Thursday, and temperatures will still remain mild.


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WEATHER BLOG: It’s Starting To Feel Like Spring

Friday morning it basically felt like spring. Finally! There will be showers around, but mild with temperatures in the low 60s. (The normal is now 58.)


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WEATHER BLOG: Mother Nature Will Finally Play Ball

We have rounded a corner. Legit. Thursday will be sunny and still quite chilly. But the winds, later on, will pick up again this time, though, from eh South.


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NASA: Spring Temperatures Have Sprung Early

The calendar may say spring starts Thursday, but science says it’s starting earlier than it used to. That might be hard to believe after the winter we’ve been through.


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WEATHER BLOG: Spring Is Finally Here!

Spring is here. Finally! Not to be a buzz kill, but we still could be looking at “foul” weather Tuesday night and into Wednesday, but let’s concentrate on the current.


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WEATHER BLOG: Last Full Day Of Winter

Welcome to the last full day of winter.


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It was great to see everyone out everywhere just getting some weekend “me” time. Well Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday it will remain not just mild, but Tuesday we will be within sight of 70.


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WEATHER BLOG: A Nice Taste Of Spring

We’ve had a good deal of sunshine Sunday afternoon, however cooler with a brisk wind compared to what we experienced Saturday.


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WEATHER BLOG: It Had To End Some Time

We had a chance to push away from the table and catch our winter breath. But you knew it was not going to last.


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WEATHER BLOG: Another Mild Day

Thursday will be another mild day. Wednesday, we did get up to 57 degrees. Thursday’s forecast high is 50, but I can see it warmer if we don’t cloud up too soon.


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WEATHER BLOG: Snowfall Recap

For many of the mid-Atlantic states, especially Maryland, Delaware and northern Va., Tuesday marked our second disruptive snowfall in just three days.





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