Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Wet But Warm

It’s wet but it’s warm out there Tuesday morning. As a storm moves our way, it has pushed a huge surge of unseasonably warm air up the East Coast. We are starting out the day in the mid 50s and will top out in the mid 60s. As a reminder, our average high is only 48 degrees right now.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Wet Wednesday

Rounds of rain will be heavy at times Wednesday with a couple of thunderstorms possible in the afternoon or evening. The winds are also going to pick up with this storm moving through. Winds could gust over 30 mph at times.


Tim Williams

BLOG: Wet Again

We’re expecting a mild night with plenty of clouds and maybe a shower


Tim Williams

BLOG: Warm Now, Wet Later

A large ridge of high pressure continues to dominate the weather across the Eastern Region. This has resulted in some unseasonably warm weather, which will continue today. Most temperatures should climb into the mid-80s this afternoon, except in some of the highest terrain.


flooding 9.23.11

Heavy Rain Slows Traffic & Floods Maryland Roads

Heavy rain cripples parts of Maryland once again, stranding people on the roads. On Pulaski Highway, the water rose so quickly that a car became almost totally immersed. Emergency crews made a number of swift water rescues in both Baltimore and Harford counties. But there are no reports of injuries so far.



Many Roads Closed Or Flooded Because Of Heavy Rain

Firefighters were among those who had to be rescued Wednesday as storms flooded roads, trapping cars in rushing water and filling basements in a region still cleaning up from Hurricane Irene less than two weeks ago.


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Bernadette Woods

BLOG: The Same Storm

Another day but the same storm. Today, the center of the storm has drifted down into the Carolinas. That has kicked up our winds a bit and forced them around to the east. This easterly wind is keeping temperatures down a few degrees from yesterday while creating a huge moisture connection with the Atlantic. Rounds of showers and thunderstorms are being pulled into and across the state already and will continue tonight into tomorrow morning.


Tim Williams

BLOG: Cloudy & Mild For Friday The 13th

We’re expecting a much more unsettled, wetter weather pattern over the next several days.



BLOG: Showers On The Way

Concern remains that it does not rain until mid-morning Friday and that it may stay damp through at least part of the day Saturday.


Bernadette Woods

BLOG: Rain In Maryland

Clouds have taken over and rain is moving through. This is just the beginning of a series of storms that will keep clouds, some rain, and cool air around right into the weekend.



BLOG: Wild Wednesday

The weather is quite active today as a major storm system will be affecting the eastern third of the United States.