White-tailed deer

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NPS Considers Deer Reduction In Md. And W. Va. Historical Parks

The National Park Service is considering strategies for reducing the white-tailed deer population in two parks in Maryland and West Virginia.


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Park Service OKs Plan Targeting Battlefield Deer

The National Park Service is giving its approval to a plan that would have government sharpshooters kill more than 2,800 white-tailed deer at three Civil War battlefields in Maryland and Virginia over the next five years.



Sharpshooters Target Catoctin Mountain Park Deer

National Park Service sharpshooters are taking aim at white-tailed deer in Catoctin Mountain Park near Thurmont.


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Park Service Plans To Reduce Deer Numbers With Sharpshooters

Saying the large numbers of white-tailed deer in three national battlefields are having adverse effects on orchards, crops and other wildlife, the National Park Service on Monday released its proposal to reduce the deer population by using sharpshooters.



Deer Killing Plan Temporarily On Hold In D.C.

The white-tailed deer in Rock Creek Park are safe from sharpshooters, at least for now.


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Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Md. Deer

Natural resources officials say the first case of chronic wasting disease has been confirmed in a Maryland white-tailed deer.