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Wind Energy Bill Gets More Support

A wind energy bill sponsored by Governor Martin O’Malley gets support from a coalition of Maryland college students.


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O’Malley Lobbies Lawmakers For Offshore Wind

Maryland’s governor lobbied lawmakers personally Tuesday for one of the key pieces of his environmental agenda, a reworked offshore wind power bill modeled on a New Jersey law.


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Poll: Marylanders May Be Willing To Pay More For Wind Power

Governor Martin O’Malley promotes wind power despite the potential cost increase to Maryland consumers.


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Expo May Help With High Electric Bills

Pain at the pump may be maxing out right now, but there’s no let up in monthly bills for household energy use.


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Big Ticket Items Still On Md. Assembly’s Plate

Maryland lawmakers are rushing to approve bills on everything from hot-button social issues to the budget before they leave town in less than two weeks.


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O’Malley Proposes Changes To Revive Wind Bill

Governor Martin O’Malley is making a move in a final push to bring off-shore wind turbines to Maryland.


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Supporters Urge Passage Of Wind Power Bill

Hundreds rallied in Annapolis in support of harnessing wind power off the shores of Maryland but opponents are concerned it will cost you more money.


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Md. Utility Panel Revises Offshore Wind Costs

Maryland’s Public Service Commission is saying a plan to make state utilities buy offshore wind energy will not cost ratepayers as much as some had feared.


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Feds Fast-Track Mid-Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy

The U.S. Department of Energy said Monday it intends to spend $50 million to speed the development of offshore wind farms, with a goal of issuing leases off four Atlantic Coast states by the end of the year.