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WEATHER BLOG: Noticeably Milder

Yesterday, our high temp only topped out around 39, that’s about 12 degrees below average for this time of year.


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WEATHER BLOG: Enjoy The Weekend!

Hope you all enjoyed a nice welcomed reprieve form the cold today! But if you head outside tonight, you might be surprised at just how chilly it’s gotten once again.



First Big Chill: Tonight Will Be In The Teens

The record temperature for Wednesday is 20 degrees, which was set in 1936. Bob Turk is expecting us to break that record Wednesday morning. The high is expected to be in the mid-30s. The good news is the wind is gone.


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WEATHER BLOG: Cold Has Arrived

The cold has arrived and it appears it will stay a while. This weekend will run anywhere from 10 to 15 degrees below normal for this time of the year.


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WEATHER BLOG: Cold Front Overnight

A cold front will move through overnight, but won’t be bringing us really anything in the way of precipitation–mainly just extra cloud cover.


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WEATHER BLOG: A Return To Fall

We are starting to see an unsettled weather pattern develop for our week’s end and weekend. Today no real sweat.


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WEATHER BLOG: Frost Advisory Overnight

It was another gorgeous day here in Baltimore with ample sunshine and plenty of dry air.


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We have a pretty good looking stretch of weather taking shape. The storm off of the coast is almost out of our hair.


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Weather Blog: Wednesday

The surface map this afternoon shows a low centered off the Delmarva Coast. Meanwhile, a high was centered over central Quebec.


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WEATHER BLOG: Chilly Night On Tap

High pressure building in from the Ohio Valley will be short lived, but still keep us dry through Monday afternoon.


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WEATHER BLOG: Chilly Air Moves In

Chilly air is making its way into the neighborhood as breezy winds out of the northwest usher it in.


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WEATHER BLOG: Passing Showers

High pressure centered over the mid-Atlantic will continue to build east of the region into tonight as a slow moving frontal system approaches from the west.





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