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WEATHER BLOG: Beautiful Day

Today, no issues… just a BEAUTIFUL day and evening with a high of 80 degrees. Then, we will watch a front begin to move toward the Mid-Atlantic and begin to stall.



WJZ’s Gigi Barnett Welcomes Baby Selah Grace!

Our very own Gigi Barnett welcomed WJZ cameras to introduce her new born baby!


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WEATHER BLOG: Big Rain Coming

Big rain is coming. No need to mince words. Tonight through Saturday night/Sunday morning we could see inches of rain in some places. Street and highway flooding is possible. Just be aware of it, and make or change plans accordingly.


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WEATHER BLOG: Perfect Summer Day

A perfect summer day with low humidity and lots of bright blue skies this Wednesday.


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WEATHER BLOG: Sunny Wednesday

A very warm and humid day that was punctuated by strong to severe thunderstorms. Many reports of hail up to baseball size and wind gusts over 55 mph were common across the state.


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WEATHER BLOG: Heavy Rains On Tap

A weekend that is likely to bring some heavy rains to some areas is on tap, as the remnants of tropical depression Bill come our way.


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WEATHER BLOG: More Humidity

A day with more humidity that yielded several rounds of strong storms in several areas, particularly around D.C.


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WEATHER BLOG: Much Drier Day

A warm front that has been south of us today will move across the region and produce more of that higher humidity and more scattered shower and thundershower activity tonight and tomorrow as well.


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WEATHER BLOG: Warm & Humid

Another warm and humid day that did produce some showers and thundershowers across the region. Tomorrow, another humid day, and again, another chance of those showers and storms firing up.


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WJZ Proud To Help Orioles Collect Cash & Canned Goods For Food Drive

Tens of thousands of people filled Camden Yards to see the O’s take on the Yankees this weekend while WJZ, the Orioles and MASN took donations.


Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Orioles’ food drive is this weekend and we’re a proud co-sponsor! Also, Dr. Bill explains how to protect yourself from skin cancer.


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After two very warm and humid days, some minor relief is on tap for your Saturday.