Best Educational Entertainers In Baltimore

April 23, 2012 8:10 AM


For your child’s next party, invite an educational entertainer to perform for your guests. From party balloons and clowns to snakes and lizards, these performers provide fun edutainment.
erik Best Educational Entertainers In Baltimore


Eric Energy

For over 10 years, Eric Energy has brought a high level of, well, energy to parties and events around Baltimore. A former religious school teacher, youth leader and camp counselor, Eric Energy has created a spark for thousands of children. Eric Energy has performed for schools, country clubs and grand openings with his upbeat show and yo-yo act. Combining science and math with a stellar performance makes Eric Energy a must-see show. Your children will be surprised about how much fun they learning.

critter Best Educational Entertainers In Baltimore


Critter Caravans


The performers of Critter Caravans are cold-blooded, which is not surprising considering they need to slither and crawl to get around. Snakes, turtles and lizards are the stars of the show and can be touched and held by the audience. Help make an event memorable without having to spend too much for an educational and fun time. Tom and Tracy Moore have over 25 years of experience caring for reptiles and are very good working with children and special needs groups. Critter Caravans is a hands-on, comedy and learning presentation that will be memorable for years to come.

nicolo Best Educational Entertainers In Baltimore


The Nicolo Whimsey Show

14411 Baden Westwood Road
Brandywine, MD 20613

The Nicolo Whimsey Show juggles education and entertainment quite literally. After years of performing along the streets of France and tours throughout southern Europe, Nick Newlin has brought his talents to the Maryland area. His show is highlight by merry music, saw playing and of course hypnotic juggling. Kids will sing along as Newlin twirls hammers, torches, hats and play putty. For his big act, Newlin calls for assistance from his fire-dancing chicken.

bubbles Best Educational Entertainers In Baltimore


Bubbles The Clown

1435 Barrett Road
Baltimore, MD 21207

In the business of making people happy, Bubbles the Clown excels. Bubbles’ edutainment show has been seen in numerous venues and can be enjoyed at your local birthday party. Bubbles’ acts carry strong messages such as fighting childhood obesity, illiteracy and raising environmental awareness. Schools all over the area have been treated with Bubbles’ edutainment programs. His magic tricks, balloon sculptures and face painting have been enjoyed by children of all ages.

pam1 Best Educational Entertainers In Baltimore


Pam The Kindersinger


For young audiences, Pam the Kindersinger delivers sweet songs and interactive routines. Pam’s programs are geared toward pre-Kindergarten through the third grades. Her 40-minute program includes puppetry, ventriloquism, comedy routines and songs. Pam focuses on primary education curriculum concepts and helps kids with learning about manners, listening habits, sharing, numbers and letters. Clap along with Pam the Kindersinger and share her enthusiasm for learning.

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