Best Halloween Decorations To See Near Baltimore

October 31, 2015 8:00 AM

Skulls are among a wide selection of items sold for Halloween at the Halloween Club store in Montebello, California on October 16, 2014 ahead of the annual end of the month tradition on October 31. Halloween is one of the fastest growing consumer spending holidays in America as people buy not only costumes for the festivities but all kinds of decorations as well for their homes to create a spooky atmosphere for the children out trick or treating. AFP PHOTO / Frederic J. BROWN (Photo credit should read FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images)

Halloween is rivaling Christmas for the amount of effort people put into decorating and celebrating, and it’s little wonder. People love to be scared, and Halloween is the season where it is perfectly acceptable to admit one’s love of the mysterious and the macabre. Baltimore is no exception. Over the last several decades, the amount of effort and intricacy locals have put into their decorations has rapidly increased, to the point that it is not unusual to see entire stores devoted to nothing but Halloween pitch their tents and do an amazing amount of business over a two-month period. Here are some locations where you can really scope out some great Halloween decorations.
Loch Raven Village

Halloween is a big season in the idyllic little community of Loch Raven Village, and residents have become quite competitive with one another. So competitive, in fact, that the community has made the competition official. Now residents will compete for prizes, seeing who has the most kid-friendly decorations, the spookiest decorations, the best fall harvest, best doorway and which house is the “most pumpkinlicious.” A friendly and safe community, Loch Raven Village is great for scoping out the decorations, and not a bad place to grab some treats for your kids on Halloween night.

The Halloween House, Evesham Park

Erin Rinner has become something of a local celebrity in her home on the 700 block of East Lake Avenue in Evesham Park, Baltimore. For about a decade now, she has been putting some serious work into decking her house out for the holiday season — even employing some help from neighbors eager to keep the almost legendary reputation her house has brought to the neighborhood. Drop on by to see the professional props and Hollywood-style special effects she has rigged up this year to keep her epic Halloween House the best thing north of Baltimore.

W. 34th St., Hampden

For decades, one small street in the residential community of Hampden has been delivering a sharp spike to the power grid, as they have lavished Halloween decorations around the block for the season of spooks. A well-lit and safe community for trick-or-treaters, Hampden residents long ago fell in love with Halloween and have kept it a sacred community tradition, each house taking pride in its contribution to the appearance of the entire block as they deliver candy to eager little hands.

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Bennett’s Curse

Bennett’s Curse in Baltimore is one of the more overboard professional haunted houses one may pay to see during the Halloween season. The owners of Bennett’s convert this oversized warehouse into a variety of themed attractions one may pay to see, including an underground medieval torture chamber of inquisitional horror, an attraction which recreates the descending levels of hell envisioned by “Dante’s Inferno,” a twisted insane asylum and, of course, the “Legends of Halloween.” But one need not pay to enter Bennett’s. A simple drive-by will offer the viewer an ample view of the Halloween horrors which lurk within. But if you like to get your thrills, pay for entry and be prepared for a scare.

The Haunting Of Nightmare Manor

The Halloween House at King’s Contrivance in Columbia is another residential home which has achieved local fame for the effort and effect which the residents, the Ryan family, have put into decking it out for the season of horror. What began as a regular decorating event became a project taking several months and attracting thousands of visitors to observe with awe the terror and special effects that made this house famous. This house now has its own website, and plenty of fans waiting to find out what crazy stunts the Ryans will be pulling off this year.

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