Best Kid-Friendly Restaurants In Baltimore

August 15, 2012 6:09 AM

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(credit: Miss Shirley's)

(credit: Miss Shirley’s)

If you want to dine out without a babysitter, here are some non-chain restaurants to take your children to.
gertrudes1 Best Kid Friendly Restaurants In Baltimore



10 Art Museum Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 889-3399
Gertrude’s Website

They offer burgers, tuna salad and grilled cheese.  Sides include french fries and fruit.  Kids can draw on the paper tablecloths with crayons.

goldenwest Best Kid Friendly Restaurants In Baltimore

(credit: AP GraphicsBank)

Golden West Café

1105 W. 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21221
(410) 889-8891

Golden West offers a variety of kid-friendly food like sweet potato fries and burgers.  They have cupcakes for dessert .  There’s a full size changing table in the bathrooms and a play area for kids.

missshirleys1 Best Kid Friendly Restaurants In Baltimore

(credit: Miss Shirley's)

Miss Shirley’s Café

513 W. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21210
(410) 889-5272

There are many kid-friendly dishes at Miss Shirley’s, including pancakes, French toast and a fruit plate.  For lunch, kids can enjoy sweet potato fries and a burger.

spoons1 Best Kid Friendly Restaurants In Baltimore

(credit: AP GraphicsBank)

Spoons Coffee Café

24 E. Cross Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
(410) 539-8395

You can get your child a grilled cheese sandwich and hot chocolate. There’s fresh produce available.  They have a small play area.

vaccaros Best Kid Friendly Restaurants In Baltimore



222 Albemarle Street
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410) 685-4905

This is technically not a restaurant, but every kid would be overjoyed to go to a place that only serves dessert.  They can enjoy gelati, eclairs, and ice cream sundaes.  There’s even a special children’s menu.

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  • jenna justice

    what about Greg’s bagels. my kids run rampant. they don’t mind. plus they have the best food

    • LeeLee

      Jenna, isn’t Greg your dad?

    • ginny

      run rampent? and they don’t mind? they are being more polite than your kids, I think.

    • GREG

      CONTROL YOUR KIDS…Believe me…WE MIND…as a matter of fact, that’s why we have carry-out!!!

      WAKE UP LADY!!!


        …AND START TIPPING US. If we have to babysit the little monsters while your eat…REMEMBER, WE’ SPIT IN YOUR FOOD…LMAO

      • sheri

        this can’t be greg… because you don’t want to lose clients

      • ROCKFISH

        Tell your waitresses to shut the hell up and bring the food. they dont deserve tips and if one spits in MY food, youve got a lawsuit on your hands bud.

    • Max

      It tells alot about any parent who ALLOWS their children to “run rampant” in any public place. Other customers dont want that…grow up and become a responsible parent Jenna.

    • Michelle

      Greg’s bagels blow! They are the size of a quarter and very dry. Plus the place is dirty!

  • Tammie

    A play area for the kids is one thing but hopefully people will realize that it is not acceptable to allow your kids to run all around the restaurants while the parents sit and eat.. They don’t provide babysitting services. I was in a “kid friendly restaurant” a few weeks ago and this family allowed their 3 little ‘devils’ to run rampant while they enjoyed their meal.. The littlest one got under the feet of an elderly woman and she fell, causing her to have to go to the hospital. Hmmm, no doubt the idiotic parents will try to sue the restaurant and the woman. What a society we live in.. God forbid that you set any limits at all on your kids.. It just isn’t heard of nowadays.

    • Donna

      That’s the smartest thing I’ve heard all day!! Why can’t we teach our children to be socially acceptable?

  • Truth

    It is pretty sad that what qualifies as being “kid-friendly” is a place that has burgers,fries, and other unhealthy choices.

    This is why we are a fat country and just getting fatter.

    And why is it that people hear ‘kid-friendly’ and they think they don’t have to expect civilized behavior from their children? If you don’t want to cook and don’t want to be bothered with making sure your children are behaving, order in. You can eat while they do whatever they want.

    • Eastside11

      How about if you don’t like burgers and fries don’t go there. You can eat anything in moderation as long as you incorporate some physical activities into their life. Stop blaming the foods for kids being fat and blame the PARENTS

    • Cathy Jean Gruebl

      i AGREE

      • Julie

        Yes i agree too!!!

  • robin

    what about Fuudruckers

  • jennifer

    Ci Cis is a great kid restaurant.Salds, soups and pizzas the kids really enjoy getting their own food and making their own food choices.

  • maxx

    Who said that burgers or bakes sweet potatoe fries have to be unhealthy?

  • michele

    Food makes a restaurant kid friendly? What about a place that an autistic child that just makes noises and doesn’t talk can goto eat and be accepted. I need a place that people will not look at him when he makes his noises.

    • Marie Sietz

      First of all – you should commended for pointing out something most of us probably do not think about. Second, I hope this does not offend you… I think Cafe Hon has a side room and I think it is not always used, so if you wanted to eat without folks staring at you – you could probably request to sit in there. Just a thought. I attend church services with an autistic teen and his noises do not bother any of us – in fact he is much easier to listen to than a spoiled toddler!!

    • Ami Withrow

      Not a restaurant. But Lowe’s offers a sensory friendly movie once a month sponsored by the ASA. I take my 19 year old daughter who has Angelman Syndrome and it’s wonderful!

    • Julie

      I would take him wherever u want and not worry about what ppl think or if they are looking at you.

      • Jack

        I agree !!

    • Jack

      As a father of a autistic child-most of these people on here will never know the difficulties we share.


      I am a PROUD mother of a 6 year old autistic child and I take him where ever I go. I don’t care that people might stare it is there ignorance that helps me everyday realize that as a parent it is my job to teach my children respect for everyone regardless of there disabilities. BE PROUD I understand that it is difficult believe me, I go through it everyday and I wouldn;t change it for the world. Pizza Hut, is a pretty good place, usually not to crowed to over stimulate him. Remember the ignorance of people just proves that they would not last a day in our shoes..

  • ben

    The definition of “kid friendly” seems to be that it offers extremely high fat or sugar laden food. Everybody like those, but extremely unhealthy food used as the definition seems fairly unfriendly to me.



    • Jess

      Ok, but why are you shouting?

  • OK


  • Jammy Ross

    I agree with some of the comments on here, when taken a child out to a public place they should be well behaved and they should actually sitting down with the family eating not running around .. and the part with fat kids I do blame the parents because they are not paying enough attention to what the kids are eating these days and they gain to much weight so parents are more at fault with that not the kids. and even when they are at a fun pllace parents should pay attention to the portions of the food that the children eat i am sorry my childrens health is more important then carelessness

  • Bob

    IMO kid friendly means you don’t have to wait long for the food. (Kids hate to wait) You dont have to be quiet and there are items on the menu that kids like to eat. The best kid friendly places, cruise lines included, bring the kids food out first. This eliminates the waiting and kids tend to eat way slower then adults anyway.

  • p w goodell

    clementine , in Hamilton, has a play area too…some tasty grub for young and old…not middle of the road prices,w/ many local and/or organic ingredients. Nice staff and owner.

  • Lisa

    If your child can’t behave in a restaurant then you should eat at home. My daughters are never allowed out of their seats in a restaurant. If my 2 yr old acts up I step outside until she collects herself so i don’t ruin other’s dining experience whether we are in a “kid friendly” restaurant or not. Kids need to be clear before entering the restaurant what the expectations for their behavior are.

  • KQ

    I bet this author doesn’t have kids. Sugary, processed and fried food is not “kid friendly.” Try something like Clementines, Los Amigos or Bistro Rx for restaurant that offer an atmosphere that is family friendly with great options for kids. For something on the go I love Panera, Subway and Qdoba.

  • Billy

    When the parents just let the kids run around and do as they please, you have to wonder what kind of self absorbed psychopaths these parents are breeding.

  • Jack

    Some of you should go to Kennedy Krieger Institute for one day. I believe your opinion may change on how some of the kids behave at restaurants, you don’t know if they have a problem or not. You judge by what you see not by what you know.
    1 in 100 children have autism-April is autism month. Get educated people.

  • Melissa

    I consider a kid friendly restaurant to be a place that has a kids’ menu and is a little on the ‘louder’ side.. like Red Robin, Friendly’s, or Applebee’s. But just b/c it’s kid friendly doesn’t mean you can let your kids run around like animals. I have been complimented several times by strangers on how well-behaved my children are in restaurants. The still act like kids but they know they are not allowed to leave their seats unless they are going to the restroom…. just like at home. So maybe if some of those idiot parents incorporated more rules at home, the kids would know how to behave in public.

  • Laura

    I also consider a kid friendly place somewhere with a decent and reasonably priced kid’s menu, has larger tables with high chairs or booster seats, a changing area, paper and crayons at the table, etc. I don’t look for a play area, we’re not there for a play date and our son can sit at the table long enough for a meal with a few legos or some crayons and paper. We like Tamber’s in Charles Village. They have a great kids menu, friendly servers, and there’s usually other families with kids there as well. As far as kids with special needs, people should exercise their tolerance muscles.

  • vicki

    I am sure that the rude, ignorant parents who don’t make their children behave in restaurant (kid friendly or not) are the same parents that allow their chilrdren to run wild everywhere they go…… these parents just don’t care as long as they are not annoyed by their own children they couldn’t care less about other people

    • sheri

      very true. my kids are well behaved or I take them out of the restaurant. Children don’t belong in a restaurant until they’re behaved well enough to go to one.

  • Think

    Ok you complain about Kids runnung around and acting dumb,.What about all the DRUNK ADULTS? Yeah that is a Great Example!

  • Mary


    Friendly Farms is a nice place for families. Large farm with geese and ponds. Lots of fields for walking after a great meal. Been going there for years with my kids. It’s there favorite place to eat.

  • rose41054

    i think its a good idea.. i know if i eat at a buffet i dont want kids fingers in my food and sneezing & coughing all over everything, but then again ,some adults are no better ! i say if you eat in moderation & not the fatty foods everyday & get plenty of exercise, you wont be fat ! get the kids off the pc & video games & stop blaming the Restaurants !!

    *** Proud Mom Be Very Proud of your Child ** youre so right !!

  • Matt

    How long will it take before The Anointed–the All-Knowing Ones–in the city council clamp down on food like this? Don’t think it will happen? Look what has happened in San Francisco and New York!

  • Eva HavnfaithCookie Wallace

    What kind of website is this that allow ppl to talk about someones kids like this, disturbing, may not agree to kids running all over the place but to call them names, if u hve to stoop so slow & attack the kids in this way u may need to check urself as an adult!!! IJS

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