Best Shooting Ranges In Baltimore

June 24, 2011 7:53 AM

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Whether you just bought a gun and want to make sure you can use it or if you’re looking to practice your shooting skills, there are gun ranges all over Maryland that can help you. Here are five of the best.

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore

11518 Marriottsville Road
Marriottsville, MD 21104
(410) 461-3582

Associated Gun Clubs of Baltimore has several different gun ranges, including a pistol range, an indoor pellet range, a trap range and an archery range. You need to be a member or a member’s guest.

Cresap Rifle Club


Cresap Rifle Club

6420 Plant Road
Frederick, MD 21701
(301) 662-6669

Cresap Rifle Club was established in 1928. It’s a membership club but it’s open to the public on weekends. They have a handgun range and a rifle range. It’s affiliated with the NRA.

Gilbert Indoor Shooting Range & Gun Shop

14690 Rothgeb Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 315-0300

Gilbert Indoor Shooting Range has the largest indoor shooting range on the East Coast. They’re open seven days a week. They also offer classes on topics like self-defense, home safety and shooting.

Maryland Small Arms Range Inc.

9311 Old Marlboro Pike
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772
(800) 792-6434

Maryland Small Arms Range Inc. has an open to the public shooting range every day. It costs $15 to use the range ($12 if you are in law enforcement, security or the military) and $7 to rent a gun.

On Target

2618 Annapolis Road
Severn, MD 21144
(410) 551-7777

On Target offers a free handgun safety course. They have a 25-yard indoor shooting range and guns that you can rent or buy. They’re open seven days a week.

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  • T. Longnecker

    You have left out a very good indoor pistol Range. Continental Arms Inc at 9603
    Deereco Road, Timinium Md. 21093. I shot there yesterday and the people were very friendly. I have have shot at 3 of the one that are listed and this range is as good or better than them. You can shoot shotgun there too.

    • Nova

      Yes Continental is one of the best and the range officer is so friendly me and my friends go every thursday for ladies night where gun rental and range rental fees are free

  • tate

    Continental sucks. The owner is really rude.

    • Thru

      I AGREE Tate, they are a bunch of rude, predjudice, shoeless hillbillies who like to target no white patrons as criminals. I wouldn’t recommend continential arms to a paper target.

    • Scott

      I have to agree with you, I will never shoot there again

      • tate

        Yeah, there’s a lot of complaints about that guy. I don’t understand why he’s so rude. He treats everyone like they’re a thug or something. Not a good idea when dealing with firearms. In all honesty, I don’t know how they are still in business.

      • Margaret

        gun? As you showed, he can go into the Gun Aiming aitoainmn before he picks it up, probably on Scene 1 since the character is linked. This would allow you to set a 3rd constraint (or Sensor as Blender calls them) that he has to have the gun, and be holding S to aim, then use that constraint for when he fires as well.It looks like you can, too. I haven’t tested it, but it you can have the Actuator change the value of that Object’s Property (if the property is like.. String, Integer, or Boolean, instead of just a plain old I have this property. Then just make the constraint.You can send a Message to other objects to, and there is a sensor for it, so when an object sends a message it can set a value. For instance, if you shot a special, unreachable power up, it would infuse you with said power up, but since your character isn’t part of that collision reaction, you’d need to do it that way.Sorry for excessive that I haven’t even tested. Hope it helps some game developers in the making, though.

  • SAM

    Freestate Gun Range in White Marsh is a great indoor gun range that recently opened with great hours and friendly staff. 11500 Crossroads Circle White Marsh, MD 21220 (410) 335-5100

    • Shane Cooper

      freestate is by far the best range in md! i bought a membership there on i live 5 minutes away from the horst range! target system is hi tech and you can even shoot ak and ar there with fmj because they use chunk rubber backstop! check it out, i promise you wont regret it!

  • Squaregrouper

    Why aren’t Freestate mentioned in an article about BALTIMORE gun ranges, yet Frederick, Upper Marlboro and Rockville?

  • Squaregrouper

    Wow, I mis-typed big time…
    Why aren’t Freestate and Continental mentioned in an article about BALTIMORE gun ranges, yet Frederick, Upper Marlboro and Rockville are all represented?

  • JGibbins

    How about Horst & McCann?

    Horst and McCann, Inc. Indoor Gun Range located at:
    2137 North Fountain Green Road (Route 543)
    Bel Air, MD 21015

    Phone: (410) 399-9518, Toll Free (800) 941-5804
    FAX: 410 420-6920

    Open Monday-Thursday noon ’til 8pm
    Friday noon ’til 9pm
    Saturday 11am ’til 9pm
    Sunday 11am ’til 7pm

    (last shooting sessions for the day begin 45 minutes before closing)


    • You charge too much

      No thanks

  • Don C

    I kind of like the PG County Shooting Range in Beltsville. It is the best Trap & Skeet Shooting i have done over the years. Better than Andrews AFB range. Not too far from Baltimore. Clay targets are the best here.

  • jgibbins

    Don, you bring up a good point…trap and skeet shooting. In Towson, next to the loch raven reservoir, there is a trap and skeet range and its open to the public.

  • tate

    Drive to PA and go to Freedom Armory. Decent prices there.

  • Darlene J.

    AGC is a very good range.

    Maryland has one of the highest crime rates in the nation and some of the most restrictive gun laws; laws that only prevent law-abiding citizens the ability to defend themselves. It is nearly impossible to get a concealed carry permit in Maryland, the ‘good and substantial’ clause should either be defined or eliminated from the law.

    Read John Lott’s excellent book: ‘More guns = less crime’

    • tate

      The same group that sued the DC Police for how they issued CCW is suing Maryland State Police. Give it time. According to the district 11 representative, the law was almost overturned, missed by 2 votes, this past year.

      Write your congressman and representatives!

  • SelectFireRulz!!!

    What about Select Fire?

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