Best Walking/Biking Trails In Maryland

July 18, 2012 3:05 PM

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Best Walking Trails

(credit: Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

If you want to exercise on foot or by bike, Maryland has some beautiful sights to see.  Here are five trails you can take.
Appalachian Trail


Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Trail Website

About 40 miles of the Appalachian Trail are in Maryland. There are day hikes along our portion of the trail that range from two to six miles.

baltimorewaterfront Best Walking/Biking Trails In Maryland

Baltimore Waterfront Promenade

Baltimore Waterfront Promenade Website

This trail is seven miles along the water. Throughout the trail are little guideposts with historical facts about the city, so you can exercise and learn something at the same time.

Cylburn Arboretum

4915 Greenspring Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209

The Cylburn Arboretum has a two and a half mile trail. Along the trail, you’ll see plants, gardens and flowers. You can also take a guided tour and learn more about the arboretum.

Gunpowder Falls State Park

Gunpowder Falls State Park Website

Gunpowder Falls State Park has nearly 18,000 acres of land in Harford and Baltimore counties. There are many trails to hike, including the 21-mile Torrey C. Brown Rail Trail. Pets are allowed in some areas.

Gwynns Falls Trail

The Gwynns Falls Trail is 15 miles. You can hike or bicycle, as you prefer. There are adjacent nearby parks which feature an additional 10 miles of trail.

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  • Dan

    How about Patapsco State Park? The best mountain bike trail in MD, bar none.


      How about the Frederick Watershed???

  • Renea

    Is that my husband Dan? I agree honey, Patapsco is beautiful and perfect for both walking and biking. Wish I could spend every day there!

  • Tom

    How about Fair Hill in Cecil County? 5000 acres of just beautiful property. Hiking, biking and horsback riding along well maintained trails.

  • Brad

    Lets Keep the Avalon area of Patapsco off the radar as much as we can. I’ve been riding there since 1989 and it’s only gotten busier…too many people (tourists) leaving trash all over the place and graffitti on the trees…it’s a disgrace!

    • David

      I agree what a treasure Patapsco is, and do not forget Senecca Ridge and Rosaryville Stae Park

    • toe

      way to leave the avalon area off the radar, doofus.

    • Jeff

      Everyone knows that the best way to keep something a secret and hidden is to post it on a public forum saying “Let’s keep this off the radar.” I post my bank account info and my safe’s combination on the New York Time’s website just to ensure my security.

    • Adam

      YES!!! People just suck…

  • ALan

    Patapsco is so overrated. Terrible place to waste a day in the woods. ;~)

    • matt

      To say say patapsco is overrated is a ridiculous statement. Other then Gmabril and Potomac it the best trail system in the state.

      • Dave

        Avalon sucks so bad……NOBODY should go there…..i heard there are squirrels with AIDS that attack people…..

    • Adam

      I wouldn’t even walk my dog at Avalon.

  • Faith

    Patapsco State Park is the nicest park in Md. the trails are great and if you have time you can enjoy the scenery. just taking a walk through the park is so peaceful or having a picnic w/ your loved one is so serene there …me and my husband made great memories at this park!

  • Brad

    Gwynns Falls Trail would be a great location to hike and enjoy if you could arrange a police escort. Aside from that I believe you are placing people in jeopardy by claiming it to be one of the best sites.

    • Patricia

      It’s possible they talk it up, so that hoards of trail walkers and bikers will force the dubious areas to clean up their acts– mass infiltration of healthy elements, but I agree that it’s not the most relaxing stroll you’ll ever take.

    • hashi

      I agree. I just went on my first bike ride in Baltimore, choosing Gwynn Falls (entering from Fed Hill as I live in the city). Riding next to railroad tracks and through abandoned lots, under bridges, and in parks full of trash and glass and needles is not my idea of a nice leisurely ride. At times I was sure I’d taken a wrong turn, but no— that was indeed the route.

  • mark

    what about the NCR

    • maxx

      The Torrey C. Brown Trail is the NCR
      Shows how much you appreciate it!

      • Grumpy Gramps

        you are arrogant and nasty

      • Jason

        That really was uncalled for.

  • Autumn

    Adkins Arboretum and Tuckahoe State Park on the Eastern Shore.

  • BC

    I rode the Gywnns Falls trail and a lot of it is not clearly marked, I made a few wrong turns and had to pull out the map I printed because the signs are too small to see or the markers that point the way are worn out to the point of vanishing, that really needs to be fixed. Other than that, it was a nice ride except for when I was caught in the rain toward the end when I got close to downtown.

  • Bob

    North Central Railroad Trail
    Catoctin Mountain State Park
    Cunningham Falls State Park

  • Douglas Kraus

    C.&O. canal

  • sam

    Don’t forget the “Cross Island Trail” on Kent Island. It’s very rustic with lots of sections through the reed grass and wetlands from the Narrows westward all the way back to the Bay. Very under appreciated indeed. Walking and biking are permitted.

    • Patricia

      The Cross Island Trail is by far the biggest thing I miss about living on Kent Island. It made it possible to walk home from the high school in Stevensville to my home in Chester when I was a teenager. Each part of it is unique and lovely in its own way.

  • moose

    I like the B&A trail, but you need to take a machine gun with you when you go through the part around Marley Station Mall to protect yourself from some of the thugs in that area

    • Kris

      If you like the B&A trail, you really need to get out more!

  • hdjjmc

    Don’t forget the western Maryland state parks and forests: Swallow Falls, New Germany, Savage River, Green Ridge, Rocky Gap, Gambrills. Lots of nice hiking trails. More great trails at Great Falls, although very crowded.

  • joe

    I hate Maryland. All of it.

  • Nightwalker

    Bad your so right when it comes to the Gwynn Falls Trail. I have a bike trail just down the street from me but the park was known by the name Lincoln Park. The new name is “Leon Day Park” and there are bike trails there. I have taken it once with a neighbor and don’t and won’t even consider riding or walking it ever again. Once my folks of color found out about the park and all that it had to offer with all the updates for enjoyment the park is full of trash all long the roads and every thing. It’s a mess and a shame. I can remember at one time folks wouldn’t even drive through that area. We have been using it for years due too it can take you so 40 west or Security Blvd in less time then traveling up Edmondson Ave. If I was to travel and bike ride in that park well you can best believe I rather have a police escort.

  • Kai

    This research article should have been named Best Walking/Biking Trails in “Baltimore”. Maryland has so much more to offer.
    How about the great hills for mountain bicyclists at the Susquehanna State Park.
    Still, Fairhill is the best.

  • John Otradovec

    The brothers like lots of trash it makes them feel at home.

  • Jeff Nesson

    While I have heard all the bad stuff about the GB part of the B&A, have never seen any problem. An option is to start at Earleigh Hts which is 7 miles to the end, then continue on into Annapolis, another 4 miles over the Severn River Bridge. I will frequently continue over to Eastport and on down the street until heading over to Sam’s on the waterfront for a beer and then a nice 15 mile ride back to the car. Very enjoyable day. not as rustic as C&O or NCR (I know Torrey Brown but I’ll never get used to it). But favorite place is around Worthington Valley, just wish there was a bike lane cause just don’t trust those drivers

  • Cindy Rush Hays

    Western Maryland Rail Trail is great. We went on a weekday and not crowded at all. It is generally flat because it was once a railroad. Very enjoyable.

  • J. Holmes

    The trails where you can stop and have a beer are always good

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