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Maryland Beach Reads

June 4, 2011 9:56 PM

(credit: Diana Walker/randomhouse.com)

annetyler Maryland Beach Reads

(credit: Diana Walker/randomhouse.com)

Are you looking for new releases by Maryland authors to read this summer?  There are upcoming releases by Laura Lippman and Anne Tyler, plus recent releases by Madison Smartt Bell and Elissa Brent Weissman. No matter what your reading taste, there’s bound to be something to please.

lauralippman Maryland Beach Reads

(credit: harpercollins.com)

Laura Lippman


“The Most Dangerous Thing” will be released on August 23.  This is another standalone.  If you miss Lippman’s private eye, you can also pick up a novella featuring Tess Monaghan.  “The Girl In The Green Raincoat” came out in January.

annetyler Maryland Beach Reads

(credit: Diana Walker/randomhouse.com)

Anne Tyler

“The Tin Can Tree” comes out August 17.  It’s about a family that struggles to go on after the death of their six-year-old daughter/younger sister.  Each member of the family is impacted in different ways.   

elissa weissman Maryland Beach Reads

(credit: ebweissman.com)

Elyssa Brent Weissman


“Nerd Camp” is Weissman’s latest release.  It’s set at a summer camp for gifted children.  Her novels have been called clever and fun; this is one your children are sure to enjoy.

Madison Smartt Bell

“The Color of Night” is Bell’s latest release.  It’s about a woman named Mae, a former member of a Manson Family-type cult.  This novel travels back and forth through Mae’s life.

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