Tips For Adding Local Flair To Your Home From Baltimore Designers

February 12, 2013 6:00 AM


Redesigning your home can be a challenge, especially if you want to bring a bit of the city–some Baltimore touches–inside. The owners of AFP Interiors, Kimberly A. Eastburn Interiors and LCK Interiors took time to discuss decorating tips, Baltimore style trends and more. Get ready to add some flair to your space.

April Force Pardoe
AFP Interiors
(410) 446-6340

Baltimore is an established city with plenty of old buildings, but April Force Pardoe, the owner of AFP Interiors, says that hasn’t stopped people from mixing things up.

She explains, “Many of my clients are decorating in a transitional style,”  and that a blend of modern and traditional styles appeals to many clients because it is “clean and warm at the same time.” She used the example of using contemporary fabrics on a traditional chair. This allows the client to mix two styles and “create a welcoming look.”

What are some other ways to keep things both clean and warm? Pardoe says homeowners should use a color besides white for the ceiling. “To reflect light around your room consider adding paint with a metallic finish. To lower a high ceiling, paint it a darker shade than your wall color.” She also encourages clients to “consider simple architectural details to add originality to a room.” She says, “Add a grid below a chair rail or under a staircase and paint it in your trim color. This can also be a great addition to a long, plain wall in a room that needs a focal point. By adding molding and trim to a wall you create an instant architectural focal point.”

Pardoe, who has been featured in publications such as The Baltimore Sun, Howard Magazine and The Washington Post, also recommends “adding personal touches to a room to reflect your interests.”  A personal touch “tells a story about the homeowner and their passions.” Use art, photos and notes from loved ones for “to create a stylish and original look in your home.”

Another way to add a personal touch? Reimagine unused or old clothing into pillows, throws and more.  This is also a great money saver. 

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Kimberly A. Eastburn
Kimberly A. Eastburn Interiors

(410) 329-5285

Kimberly A. Eastburn, the owner of Kimberly A. Eastburn Interiors, has been designing homes since 1983. Eastburn says she  seeks to “help clients express who they are and find out what they really need to surround themselves with.”

“I feel very strongly that the home is the place where all parts of our lives intersect, and it is important to energetically, as well as physically, bring it into balance,” she said.

Asked what style she sees the most in Baltimore, Eastburn said, “The mid-Atlantic region has many design aesthetics, but I see much of it starting with traditional forms.” However, she stresses that it’s important to base your design on what you like, rather than following the latest trend in magazines or on television. She says the items in your home should “unmistakably say ‘you.'”

How can you do that? Kimberly says, “Changing your throw pillows and accessories is a quick and inexpensive way to bring a different vibe to a room without redecorating the whole thing.”

This allows you to try out a new look without the commitment of changing the entire room.

She also tells people to “try very large scale wallpaper instead of plain old paint.”

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Laura C. Kimball
LCK Interiors
(410) 262-7419

Laura C. Kimball of LCK Interiors has been in business for more than 10 years. Kimball has also found that many Baltimore clients are choosing transitional decor, “a clean lined contemporary, hinting of traditional.”  She said the blend of new and old styles is great and that clean lines are appealing and clients want care-free furnishings and designs, explaining, “Even contemporary and traditional can be put together, let the unique element become a conversation piece.”

Kimball says that a great way to add flair to rooms is through lighting. She says the addition of a light fixture, lamp or anything else makes a huge difference. The final tip is “be bold in accessories.” This will allow clients to emphasize colors and trends. This also allows the client the ability to change accessories when led to do so.

However, Kimball also underscores that bringing your personality into your home is paramount. How? She recommends using art with meaning. She said that art provides the client an opportunity to provide their own personal touch. She also tells clients to design with emotion, asking them to think about how they want to feel in that space. The emotion will determine the design of that room.

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