BALTIMORE (WJZ)—The Baltimore City Health Department released a new inspection web portal on Tuesday that provides the public with an easy way to access food service facility inspection data online.

“Sometimes restaurants are closed and they’ll put on their door, we’ve gone on vacation. When actually there was a cockroach and mice infestation,” said Dr. Leana Wen, Baltimore City Health Commissioner.

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In the last six months, all types of violations were reported at more than 30 Baltimore food establishments.

Now, the Baltimore Health Department is putting all those health and safety issues online and just a click away from consumers.

Before the web portal: if you wanted to see a restaurant’s inspection report, you had to physically come here to the health department and request it. Not anymore!

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The newly launched web portal gives easy access to recent food inspection reports.

Last year, health officials pushed for restaurant gradings, but the law didn’t pass.

Dr. Leana Wen says this is the next best thing.

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“We believe that people have a right to know how safe their food is.”

The site includes restaurants and any place that serves food and drinks in Baltimore City. All you need is its name or address.

“It makes sense that someone should be able to find out if the restaurant is or was dirty in the past,” said Brian O’Connell.

Debra Dutton is the manager at Alchemy in Hampden.

She says the online records can be a badge of honor for restaurants who pass inspection.

“It gives the restaurant an incentive to do the absolute best you can do for health inspections,” said Dutton.

Complaints about unsafe or unsanitary conditions at any food service facility can be reported by calling 311.

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To view the new the new web portal CLICK HERE.