BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s long been debated if the Baltimore Ravens’ quarterback is “elite” within the NFL.

An increasing number of NFL fans said Flacco is not an elite quarterback, according to a new poll taken last week and released Monday by Public Policy Polling.

Last year, only 21 percent of NFL fans believed Joe Flacco could be considered an elite quarterback and this year that statistics is only up by 1 percent.

41 percent of the people polled this year said Flacco’s not elite, which is up a whopping 35 percent from last year.

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Flacco didn’t exactly play like one of the top NFL quarterbacks in the league during the 2016.

He finished seventh in the league in passing yards (4,317) and his passer rating (83.5), interceptions (15) and yards per attempt (6.4) all ranked in the bottom seven in the NFL.

However, Flacco has always been a good sport about the topic and recently proclaimed himself to be an “elite party guest” in his Super Bowl commercial. 

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