BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Another brazen assault, and another mother left in awe. It’s a story that is only being shared with WJZ.

“These attacks, these assaults, someone is going to get killed,” said Kia Martin, whose daughter was attacked at the Inner Harbor on Halloween.

For the third time in just days, a group of teens strike yet again at the Inner Harbor.

This time, Kia Martin’s daughter is one of the victims.

“The group of teens surrounded my daughter and her friends,” she said. “My daughter was stomped, kicked, punched, thrown to the ground, beat with a baseball bat.”

Martin says her daughter and friends – students at Digital Harbor High – were pounced on near the science center on Halloween night. Forced to walk a mile to the hospital for help.

“She has three staples in her head, both of her hands are broken. I’m pissed. I’m pissed,” she said. “I just don’t understand why a group would want to go around and terrorize innocent people. My daughter walks that path to and from school every day, and to think that this can happen, it scares the hell out of me.”

Just days ago, two families were bombarded by a group of the teens on the same night.

One attack left an 18-year-old hospitalized, the other left a family from New Jersey scarred for life.

“I can’t sleep at night, seeing what happen over and over again in my head, seeing my family attacked,” one victim said.

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The victims are outraged that officers were no where to be found.

Police have said the Inner Harbor is already flooded with cops on a daily basis, but they can’t have officers on every corner.

“I’m certainly aware of those two assaults and our presence is very, very important, specifically at the Inner Harbor,” said Baltimore PD Commissioner Kevin Davis.

“Just absolutely disgusted by this behavior,” said councilman Eric Costello, who oversees the 11th district.

Costello says there has to be a more consistent presence of officers.

“This absolutely underscores the need for a larger police presence and it’s not just Inner Harbor, but neighborhoods throughout the entire city. The last thing we want is for someone to visit our city, have a bad experience, or even worse, get hurt and then be scared to come back,” he said.

Adding that the shortage of officers in the city is real.

“You heard the commissioner talk about how we’re at a shortage of about 500 police officers from where we were five years ago. That number is real,” Costello said.

Trashel Maye says her son went through a similar harrowing experience. Her 18-year-old was bombarded by a group of teens.

“I am disgusted and I’m upset because my son got hurt,” Maye said.

Outside the incidents at the Inner Harbor authorities now looking into other reported attacks around the city each one more severe than the last.

From a possible pistol-whipping in the Homeland neighborhood in North Baltimore, a robbery on Calvert Street, and at least one robbery in Federal Hill where the suspects were armed with a bat and wooden boards.

“We’re not going to make excuses for that type of behavior we can’t we can’t continue to do that it’s not fair to the victims of these crimes who mainly were just minding their business,” said BPD spokesperson T.J. Smith.

Police say areas like the Inner Harbor are already heavily patrolled and that having officers on every corner isn’t feasible.

While the assaults continue to put a black eye on Baltimore, some say demanding more from juvenile services and the court system is the only way to make progress.

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Comments (161)
  1. Joe Yeti says:

    Baltimore, the city that bleeds – THANKS LIBERALS!

  2. Mike Smith says:

    Group of “teens” pfft, we know what that’s code for

    1. Yeah, it’s them amish kids comin’ down from Lancaster County, in their souped-up horse buggies, lookin’ for trouble!

  3. Steve Somay says:

    I hope the politicians in Baltimore realize this type of events will have a Very Negative impact on City tourism and thus a LOSS OF MONEY. Slaps on the wrist will not cut it anymore Judges and juries..

  4. Bill Mo says:

    Why aren’t the Baltimore City politicians on the news showing their discuss with this. Seems they are hiding which shows they aren’t even concerned.

  5. Baltimore may have a high crime rate, but the important thing is they’ve taken down all the Confederate statues.

    1. Larry Jones says:

      Got to stick with priorities, you know.

  6. Why would police interfere with these feral creatures when all that brings the cops is possibility of being indicted by SA?

    1. deguello13 says:

      I can’t imagine why Baltimore has a hard time keeping their police force staffed, can you?

  7. Gee, is it any wonder there are no cops there? The mayor and city attorney would be more worried about what happens to the “teen attackers” (Like we don’t know what that dog whistle means) after they are confronted by police than the victims. Its hard to police violence with both hands tied behind your back. My suggestion, go anywhere but Baltimore with the family.

  8. Jerry Walton says:

    Too bad those citizens aren’t allowed the right to carry and protect themselves. Put a few of these mongrels in the ground and the rest of the pack will disappear.

  9. Al Korzen says:

    I wonder how the citizens of Baltimore feel now when they hear there politicians telling police to back off and let them riot and destroy? What goes around comes around and the politicians have blood on there hands and every one of them should have there sorry butts kicked out of office.

  10. More “teen” mayhem. Who be doin dat, I wunda.


  12. The crime was once blocks away, now it’s taking place in the nucleus of the city. I wish the January Lacrosse Convention was moved out of the city. Far too dangerous to ever visit Baltimore. At least the Ravens have another excuse to use when explaining the empty seats.

    1. I was thinking a bit of the same but I doubt a pack of kids would be stupid enough to attack people already carrying titanium sticks . . .

  13. Rudy Gold says:

    Who were the “attackers”? Journalism is a lost art here. Were the “attackers” space aliens? Amish?

    1. Since they did not mention the race of the attackers, it can be assumed they were black. Obviously it would be a much bigger national story if the attackers were white. And then BLM would start caring about those black lives all of the sudden.

  14. David Grimes says:

    All I can say is it’s a good thing the demmerhoids in charge of this sh1thole are strongly anti-gun. Otherwise someone might get hurt.

  15. There are resolutions for the treatment of feral animals.

  16. They don’t need more police at that school. They need to close the school and distribute the students all over the county. They know who hangs with who. They also need to build a huge juvenile prison and start placing the young criminals in there. If the parents have lost control or just don’t care, then they must be show by society that certain conduct will not be accepted.

  17. Just some more of HIllary’s super predators. One day they are going to attack someone that is carrying who will teach them a lesson. Oh, wait, this is Baltimore, land of the liberals.

  18. Make sure that, no matter what, you don’t actually DESCRIBE THE CRIMINALS! We might get the wrong idea.

  19. I’ve read this article twice to read about the attackers. With all these attacks, the victims could not remember any details about the attackers?

    1. Carl Edward says:

      Get them on camera/facial recognition-or they confess. Then send them to teen reform school-the camera is enough evidence, no pleas, no lawyers, straight to reform school.
      The reform school is on a military base, so they can see how structured law abiding life works. They go to class as if they were in public school, and they get out when they graduate high school.

      Anyone have a problem with that?

      1. Keys Jackson says:

        Just jump in the water! You’ll be safe.

  20. Thanks to it’s mayor Baltimore police are afraid to detain or arrest these thugs. God forbid a police officer should harm one of these animals. The citizens of Baltimore are reaping the benefits of liberalism.

  21. This is related to Black Lives Matter

  22. Stop calling them “teens” they are black thugs spawned by our welfare system.The young blacks have reverted to the tribal society were their ancestors came from

  23. Jimmy VA says:

    These Black thugs try something with my Kid, they will go home with a toe tag, in a bag. it is time WE, Patriot Citizens, all start fighting these thugs where they commit these crimes. The Street.

  24. Joe Schmolen says:

    Google “black flash mobs” and see that blacks have been getting away with this organized violence around the nation for decades.

    Forget “white privilege”, the real privilege is getting a pass for committing crimes.

  25. A leader doesn’t tell you what isn’t “feasible” you do what is necessary to take care of the problem! All options should be on the table to accomplish the mission and solve the problem! People do what they are allowed to do. If our leadership allows this behavior and them makes excuses, then its time to change the leadership.

  26. Admin says:

    Thank people like Marilyn Mosby who was more interested in her political career as a SJW scoring points with propaganda to make the Police look bad with false allegations along with liberal media. Then idiots who demand officers make arrest for cigaretts – then you wonder WHY cops can’t control the crime problem? You made the environment a harbor for thugs!

  27. mmmmm…. I have a feeling the kids doing the attacking arent white. If they where Jesse , Al and the rest of the circus would out in force

  28. If the police in Baltimore don’t crack down on these violent flash mobs then the Inner Harbor will become a wasteland avoided by anybody who doesn’t have to be there. I recommend that people boycott the area until Baltimore officials finally get their act together and forcefully eliminate the problem.

  29. Casey Myers says:

    “This absolutely underscores the need for a larger police presence” No, this underscores the need for citizens to be able to arm and protect themselves. Let’s face it, cops can’t prevent most crimes, they are there to clean up the mess and investigate AFTER the crime has been committed. If an armed citizen takes out of few of these feral teens, it might a long way in preventing more incidents such as this.

  30. No one under 20 should be allowed in the inner harbor, without an adult escorting them. The adult must be at least 30 Y/O!

  31. Gary O'Neal says:

    Everyone knows what the problem is.

    Everyone knows what the solution is.

    Until we match the solution to the problem, the problem will persist…and worsen

  32. When spotting a pack of gr0ids, keep your eyes on them and maintain a safe distance.
    If the pack of gr0ids approaches you, keep your hand on your gun and evade the area if possible.
    If the pack of gr0ids are within 25 feet of you, SHOOT TO KILL!

  33. Obama, Soros, Clinton, Restorative Justice, Criminal Justice Reform, and Cultural Marxism BUILT THAT !

  34. Anne Tenney says:

    Apparently Baltimore doesn’t have a zoo. It let’s the animals roam free.The police have had their hands tied by the PC pols. They are reaping what they have sown.Just put a fence around it and let them self destruct.

  35. You wonder why you have a police shortage? When you disparage and condemn police officers for doing their jobs, you’re not going to get much of a prospect pool.

  36. Tom Small says:

    Police are scared to do their jobs, so the ‘teens’ are running amok. Outsiders should just boycott the city and let it rot until city hall gets the message.

  37. Gi Gene says:

    While only 13% of the population in the USA is black

    93% of all black murder victims are murdered by another black
    85% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks
    80% of all shootings are committed by blacks
    79% of all robberies are committed by blacks…
    59% of all murders are committed by blacks
    52% of all violent juvenile crimes are committed by blacks
    49% of all murder victims are black
    45% of all drug offenses are committed by blacks
    42% of all cop killers are black
    8% of America’s population are black men, yet they account for 40% of America’s total prison population.
    99% of all major riots involving property damage, looting and civil disobedience are committed by blacks as opposed to ANY OTHER minority in America.
    Blacks Commit 25X more Violent Assaults against Whites than Whites against Blacks.
    And the most amazing statistic of all;
    33% of all crimes in America are committed by 3% of the population; blacks between the ages of 16 and 36
    40% of blacks are on welfare (US Census)
    Only 59% blacks graduate high school (only 20%
    in Detroit)
    Over 60% of black households have no fathers present
    72% of black mothers are unwed, 72%!
    (Dept. of Justice, FBI and USA Census)

    1. LBJ and the Democrat’s “War on Poverty” doesn’t seem to be working out. Maybe, if America’s workers threw another Trillion or so of their tax money at the situation, matters will improve. After all, isn’t money always the answer to all these sociopathic situations? Just ask a Democrat.

    2. Rusty Staff says:

      Frankly, you could have started with your last statistic about unwed mothers and then gone from there as the others are by and large a result of that one,

  38. Another attack by “White Supremacists” on a poor African American girl……when will it all end?

  39. Steve Shober says:

    Seems some things are being ignored in this discussion. However, we have to remember, dear Press, the public is protected my your half-truths. You cannot allow the full truth of this matter to get out, so keep the lid on it, for America’s sake.

  40. Dwain Meyer says:

    It should be called an eye of color.

  41. Adam Edner says:

    So, just a thought, if you carry a gun you can shoot the people attacking you. But who needs a gun when we have the Cops! Only a 45 minute response time between you and the attackers. Just because you can get a pizza faster than you can get the cops to come to your aid does not mean you should own a gun.

  42. And where is the precious anti-cop major in all this? Be careful who you vote for and disrespect, your well being may depend on it.

  43. I see privileged white gangsta people everywhere

  44. These primitive creatures are incompatible with civilization.

  45. So why don’t you just call a cop? Oh right…you chased them all away by smearing them as “racists”. Enjoy your savage cesspool, Baltimore.

  46. Mark Pennell says:

    No where did anyone say the attackers were white, and if they were everyone, including the parents would be screaming bloody murder about it. Welcome to the Mentality that has spawned BLM and Antifa, who think it is fun, and right, to attack everyone for their revolution.

  47. Jack Pod says:

    Yes, you can count on me avoiding Baltimore at all costs.

  48. I thought the mayor solved all these problems when she gave these “teens” the “freedom to destroy”.

    Thanks Democrats.

  49. Terry Neale says:

    When you remove God from your society and destroy the family, this is exactly what you get. The solution is not a police officer on every corner. The solution must come from the black comunity. If you want to be accepted into society you must act civilized. The color of your skin is not the problem, your problem is your conduct. Until you become a peaceful productive member of society you will be eyed with suspicion.

    1. hitrestart1 says:

      It is a pity this comment board doesn’t allow up-votes. You deserve 100 for that insightful comment.

  50. bigbaydog says:

    It is way past time to 1. fire the police commissioner. 2. Fire the mayor 3. fire the councilman 4. have shall issue concealed carry permits in Baltimore and the state of Maryland. This state is 50 years behind the rest of the nation in allowing citizen to defend themselves. If there are no police then people must protect themselves. No one will take a job as a police officer because of the way the previous mayor through the entire police department and the citizens of Baltimore under the bus and allowed the BLM riots to go on.

  51. nukemhill says:

    It was not a pistol-whipping in Homeland. Two boys (my son included) were jumped by a group of approximately a dozen older boys. My son was blind-sided by a punch to the face, and another boy was pushed to the ground and then kicked repeatedly. There was a report of “something shiny” in the hands of one of the assailants, but it was not used during the attack.

    Please confirm your facts before reporting the stories.

  52. Walter Fife says:

    Congratulations Baltimore, you are close to surpassing Chicago as the most DEMOCRATICALLY CONTROLLED, I mean VIOLENT, city in America. Woo-Hoo.!

  53. Its the police’ fault! We need more Leftists waging war on the Police…

  54. Jim Williams says:

    How many teens? Approximately how old were the teens? Which genders? Any word yet on the general racial makeup of the “group of teens”? Until we are given more information, be on the lookout for “teens”. If you see any teens,(of any race, gender, or age) please immediately phone the police so an officer can come out and determine whether the teens you have spoted are the ones being sought.

  55. “They are often the kinds of kids that are called SUPERPREDATORS — no conscience, no empathy.” – 1996 Hillary Clinton C-SPAN video clip

  56. Ever wonder why the entire continent of Africa, or any place dominated by Blacks, is such a human heII hole? Because such behavior is typical of low IQ Blacks everywhere (on average). Not all Blacks have low IQs but their average IQ is clearly below 100 and probably closer to 80.

    Restated, it is not reasonable to expect reasonable, 100+ level IQ behavior from humans with an average IQ below 80.

  57. Put cameras in every conceivable public place. When teens are apprehended try them as adults. Make a huge public spectacle of their trial.

  58. When you live in a city comprised mostly of animals, you get dealt with as such. The only thing I could tell you is that if you’re going to continue living like that, I hope you invest in bullets. That’s the only thing these animals understand. You have to blast them with bullets.

    1. Armed citizens. The solution is so simple. Two or three thugs get blown away and the problem goes away. Stupid liberals.

  59. Don McCoy says:

    Weird…this stuff doesn’t really happen where I live…

  60. Thomas Jones says:

    Hmm…it’s dark, there’s a herd of n words, at least one with a baseball bat and they go unnoticed in the ” heavily patrolled ” inner harbor area? Maybe signs around the perimeter of the inner harbor and billboards throughout the city…Caution n words present in inner harbor area ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK would help increase tourism.

  61. Kind of makes you think Black Lives don’t matter. Like the lives of hyenas that make it onto an otherwise peaceful farm. Then the fact that they are living is a threat.

  62. Craig McDow says:

    Ban boards and bats they hurt/kill people….

  63. I thought there was going to be an increased police presence at the Inner Harbor of Baltimore? What’s going on with the police? Baltimore depends a great deal on visitors for it economy. It seems to me the place should be swarming with police and no band of young negro males should be allowed to commit these violent crimes.

  64. artemis133 says:

    This is horrible. Such a thing shouldn’t happen to anyone. My husband needs to have surgery at Johns Hopkins, and we plan on just coming in and leaving, with no stops in the city. We’ve been there a few times already; he’s mentioned maybe finding somewhere to eat in city, but I won’t do it because of this violence. Teens? Right. Let’s start calling it what it is-criminals. No matter the age.

  65. thinkingdownstream says:

    I have a great deal of sympathy for the poor girl who was beaten and for her mother – no one should be subjected to such terror and brutality.

    That said, black people blaming police is pathetic. As police have been driven out of high-crime areas in big cities, violent crimes are increasing, including acts of pure brutality for the sake of inflicting pain and terror on the victims. This is just another sign of rising barbarism – the opposite of civilization.

    Black people made it crystal clear how much they hate cops. They were responsible for what’s called the “Ferguson Effect”, which is cops abandoning the ‘neighborhood policing’ techniques that translated to their having a clearer presence in high-crime areas to damp and quell the barbarians. Now, they stay in their cars and only respond to crimes in progress when those crimes are reported – no more proactive police work to keep the barbarians in check.

    This is what BLM, et al, asked for. They own it. I have no sympathy for the criminals that are committing these and other violent crimes over and over and over. I do have sympathy for the innocents in these communities (and most are innocents), but they need to stand up for, and help, the police and city officials that *truly* want to help them.

    That said, there are too many politicians these days that benefit by being ‘anti-police’ and all that entails. Again, the good, innocent people in these neighborhoods need to take a stand against those who are terrorizing and murdering them and their children on a daily basis. The police aren’t perfect, but they are better than the barbarians rising to control these neighborhoods.

  66. Ricky Pucheu says:

    “The victims are outraged that officers were no where to be found.”

    This is what you wanted. You keep saying the police and targeting you. Well, deal with there being no police to save you. You can’t have it both ways. Maybe De Matter will come to your aid. Like in…….NEVER!

  67. Liberals hate the police and don’t want them around – except when they need them.

    The next time you are attacked by a street gang, “just take a knee,” I’m sure you’ll be treated well!

  68. Enough with this “teens” stuff, why doesn’t the Cowardly media just come right out and say it’s blacks?

  69. “…some say demanding more from juvenile services and the court system is the only way to make progress”
    Demanding more from the two parents who gave birth to those “teens” is the only way to make progress.

  70. someone please explain to me how we are all equal? cause I have tried to live MY life that way, but it is getting impossible for me to continue to do so

  71. Teens?

    In Texas they’ve started calling them “panhandlers”
    (this makes it possible to continue making “off-color” reports)

    Isn’t that where they erected the BLMNFL statue to honor a murderer?

  72. The oppressed, feral, justice seekers just need to be given some space.

  73. Just Democrats being Democrats. How do they know it wasn’t a white cop?

  74. Dan McGrath says:

    The NFL takes a knee to protest for this

  75. This Sunday, let’s join the BLMNFL’ers as they kneel/fist in their efforts to prohibit law enforcement from harassing these cute “teens”

    (I know they are “cute” – I saw their Christmas morning pictures when they were 3)

  76. Chuck Curry says:

    Beatyoumore, Maryland. Liberal wet dream.

  77. Wasn’t it a former Baltimore Mayor who said, “we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well.”?

    When government turns its back on law and order what does anyone expect to happen.

    This is the result of liberal government and justice.

  78. Gary Wilson says:

    And the Jungle encroaches even more on civilization. Centuries ago gentlemen were armed and could protect themselves and their families. That slowly reduced the predations of savages, barbarians, and criminals. We are now over-civilized and feel we no longer require personal protection. WRONG! Also, why doesn’t the Baltimore PD use more undercover officers in the Inner Harbor, and have them make several public busts and make sure the word gets around that they aren’t messing around. Not a very creative lot.

  79. Hugh C Young says:

    Black Girls getting beaten with bats by other Black Girls. What is wrong with this? How are we going to prevent this? I feel so sad for these poor kids. How do you change a whole culture for a group of people who are lied to. And the NFL are no help. They continue the big lie.

  80. It’s Baltimore, a democrat mecca…literally. You live in Baltimore, then you more than likely voted for your beautiful SJW community lifestyle. Enjoy!

  81. Feelin Dhim-blue? Take a knee, tell them you hate America…see if that helps. Culture, you built it, now own it.

  82. Thai Jim says:

    Wait, all cops are racists, cops kill black people, pigs must die, all this but yet, where are the cops…good luck with that

  83. Mike Arvand says:

    Teens – Translation: a gang of typical Black thug monkeys.

  84. The left has been making excuses for criminal behavior for many years. Now every teen thinks they are special because you haven’t held them accountable. This is a problem created by Baltimore and the people elected by the voters of Baltimore

    Pass a law stating anyone over 21 can earn bounties for taking pictures of and stopping teen crimes. Pass a mandatory minimum of 12 months in jail if a teen commits a violent crime. Those will help to curb the violence.

  85. “While the assaults continue to put a black eye on Baltimore . . .”
    A “black” eye? Ain’t that racist??

  86. Paul Trott says:

    So now “oh how could this happen”. Right. These cannibal savages have been taught and brought up in a government financed permissive culture environment of blaming everyone else for their plight. Comrades y’all voted for it.

    The blame whi**y and blame the cops to get more money, grants and programs game is over. Now it is time for the community to pull up their big boy and big girl pants, get real and clean their own house before it is burned down by these same youngsters.

  87. Years ago, in Massachusetts, Romney ran for U.S. Senate in 1994. His campaign called the poor neighborhoods devastated by the effects of liberal social programs “Kennedy country”.

    THIS story describes the impact of the Clinton Culture, combined with the Obama Mamma Culture … really good job destroying the Great American Culture of a highly successful melting pot.

  88. solution: anyone over age 12 is considered an adult. anyone that commits a crime loses welfare for life.

  89. Tom Nichol says:

    Those pesky “teens”. Another prime example of Black Privilege. BP is “No matter what you do to any person, you can always play the race victim card.”

  90. You elect blacks to run a city, what do expect will happen? Look at Africa!

  91. Ted Jones says:

    Give George Zimmerman a free trip to Baltimore.

  92. Mike Miller says:

    That’s a lot of words to say “White folks, watch out for black folks.”

  93. Septua Jes says:


  94. Troy Dynes says:

    How funny! obamaroids just doin’ their thang.

  95. want to stop the madness? quit voting in Marxist/liberals!

  96. The cops say they can’t be on every corner. Baltimore is full of idiots.


    If the cops can’t limit the means, time and place where a criminal willmassault you, what moral authority do thwy have to limit how you protect yourself against them?
    Cops don’t want you to have guns, there. Politicians don’t want you to have guns.
    But they aren’t the people who get hurt, robbed or killed.
    Why? Because they HAVE GUNS.

    I wish y’all luck and some common sense, up there.

  97. There is a solution: Parents armed with weapons patrolling the Inner Harbor. If this were happening on my street, I would be out there with at least one firearm and a baseball bat of my own.

  98. Richard Frey says:

    That’s Baltimore……When you mix Black Gangs with Immigrant Terrorist from the Middle East, you get a Fire and Riots………get used to it or move to a Civilized part of the U.S. !!!!!!

  99. Rob Rec says:

    I hope that they attack someone with a gun and they do society a favor and put those degenerate Pieces of Shat to sleep! Better yet, I think people should go hunting for these degenerates and put them to sleep!
    why do these POS’s deserve to live among productive members of society? they don’t!
    We need to go back to eye for eye! You want crime to stop! you have to waste these degenerates in public, in the most humiliating way in front of their family(oops, there all in jail, probably).

  100. Note to self: remember not to visit Baltimore. I wonder how many others are writing the same note.

  101. John Burwell says:

    In the great State of Tennessee where I can and do legally carry a firearm, if a group of assailants descended upon my family when seconds count the police are minutes away. I would defend myself and my family with deadly force if necessary. We in the South understand why the second amendment was put in the constitution. The people of the North East don’t understand the meaning of “shall not be infringed.” An armed society is a polite society. An unarmed society is a bunch of savages.

  102. Tony Welker says:

    It’s really a sad day in America when there is becoming a need for surveillance cameras on every street corner. This is homegrown terrorism.

  103. Dave Fay says:

    Why would any sane person enter the city limits of Baltimore? It’s not like it’s secret that the city is overrun with gangsta thugs and their police have been neutered.

  104. iodiner says:

    No real need to read the story. The only question is whether it was a black on white, or black on black violent attack.

  105. Bill Wheeler says:

    yet more attacks in a city with strict gun laws…boy that really works fellas. Just ask chicago.
    If a couple of these thugs got themselves shot when attacking an innocent citizen, you’d see a lot less of this. The police are utterly worthless after the fact.

  106. Black Lives Matter has resulted in the Police backing down on proactive policing (or de-policing) and no longer clearing corners and being active in the neighborhoods. The real tragedy is that the poor people who live in these communities WANT the police there and WANT their protection. They are not complaining about police brutality rather the lack of policing. That is the real story. The lie sold by the media from the Liberals is resulting in thousands being murdered. BLM is a lie and now so many black lives are being lost because of that lie. Wake up Sheeple please wake up. What have the democrats done for your cities after decades of leadership? So sad.

  107. Will the city finally do something about it, now that not all the victims are white? We shall see.

  108. Just a couple of questions; do you need a special permit to hunt these feral teens in Baltimore, and is there any bag limit?

  109. What is the big deal this is what you get when you let the liberal bigoted Liberal Democrats run a city. Talk about having the inmates running the prison. You backed the burning down of your city. So as they say the chickens have come home to roost. You are getting paid back for allowing the murdering killing and arsonist free rain. Thank the BLACK LIVE MATTERS, ANTIFA AND THE NEW BLACK PANTHERS SINCE YOUR GOVERNMENT IS BACKING THEIR ACTION YOU CAN EXPECT MORE OF THIS..

  110. Let people carry guns, concealed, these will stop!

  111. Alan Smithee says:

    “While the assaults continue to put a black eye on Baltimore, some say demanding more from juvenile services and the court system is the only way to make progress.”

    No. Demanding carry conceal, then start planting some of these thugs 6 feet under, is the way to make progress. These kids will stop their attacks immediately when someone goes Charles Bronson on them, granting about a dozen “Death Wish”s.

  112. Baltimore has been a schithole for so long now I don’t understand why anyone would go downtown much less the eastside…

  113. Why did CBS Baltimore find it necessary to block out the central point of the home owner’s video which would have revealed the thugs for who they were?

  114. Bill Smith says:

    Second Amendment. Solves a lot of problems real quick. Makes society much more polite in so many ways.

  115. This is what happens when there are no fathers at home.

  116. John Ott says:

    Maryland does NOT recognize any out of state Concealed Carry licenses or permits. For those few “in-state” residents who have such a permit, they cannot even stand their ground, but MUST retreat. So what are these gangs supposed to be afraid of? The cops will never get there in time to help you. Boycott Maryland.

  117. Rodney Reed says:

    shortage of officers in the city is real and we can thank the blacks in out communities for the shortage too!

  118. Andy Howe says:

    “some say demanding more from juvenile services and the court system is the only way to make progress”
    Juvenile services and the court system cannot do anything if the police do not arrest the perpetrators. It has probably been 30 years since I went to Baltimore. Thankfully.

  119. Joe Pace says:

    But the second someone defends themselves by fighting back the thugs become victims and their third grade school photo is shown to the world.

  120. After what happened to the police and the riots from last year, I wouldn’t blame the cops if they didn’t make a single arrest. I wouldn’t, I’d just turn my face and just ignore the animals and collect my paycheck, like Congress does and like teachers do. Tourists dumb enough to hang out in Africa deserve what they get.

  121. Where is BLM?? Is Colon coming to kneel for justice??? Ooops . its just another Black on Black crime that happens daily, nothing to care about ,,,due to the once or twice a yaer white or cop crime on Blacks.

  122. Susan Vue says:

    Be grateful you do not have a Muslim problem. Once the Muslims infest an area it switches into a NO GO ZONE overnight.

  123. Carol King says:

    Remember a few years ago when you rioted and you didn’t want the police in your neighborhoods? You got your wish.

  124. The citizens voted for hard left idiots, this is the result. You have to love the media “Teens”. The media exists to spread propaganda not information. Teens? Yeah sure.

  125. ccpony says:

    “We’re not going to make excuses for that type of behavior we can’t we can’t continue to do that it’s not fair to the victims of these crimes who mainly were just minding their business” – –

    Wow! That’s some SERIOUS tough talk coming from the BCPD! That would have ME think twice about committing some baseless act of violence!