By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A 14-year-old who was arrested two weeks ago for illegal possession of a handgun has been arrested again, in the same block, for illegally possessing a second gun, Baltimore police say.

This has caused more concerns centered around teen violence in Baltimore.

“Two times, in two weeks, with two different handguns. It’s a problem for all of us, everybody should be outraged,” said police spokesman T.J. Smith.

Police say it shows you how easy it is for kids to get their hands on these weapons, and this is a prime example of how there’s a major breakdown in the system.

The teen was first taken into custody with a handgun back on November 11.

On Monday night, police arrested the same 14-year-old in the same block, with yet another loaded weapon. This time, a semi-automatic handgun.

“This is not throwing eggs at a house or breaking into a car, this is violent behavior that can instantly result in death,” Smith said. “We shouldn’t have to wait until that 14-year-old uses the gun in commission of a crime.”

Police say they do not know where the 14-year-old got these guns.

The arrests once again shed light on what many call a broken juvenile justice system.

Just weeks ago, a group of teens who police called repeat offenders, were arrested in a string of attacks downtown.

“She was punched, kicked, she was hit in the head with a bat,” said Kia Martin, who says her daughter was attacked at the Inner Harbor.

It led to the police commissioner lashing out.

“The reason why we know who they are is because we lock them up again, again, and again,” Baltimore PD Commissioner Kevin Davis said back in November.

Police then blasted the juvenile criminal justice system.

“Clearly, something is broken, if we’re talking about a kid arrested twice in a two week period for possessing two handguns. Something is broken. Something isn’t working, and whatever needs to be done to disrupt that pattern, needs to be done,” Smith said.

Dr. Rev. Andre Humphrey says besides revamping the system, parents, clergy, and everyone involved needs to take initiative.

“System is broken, system needs to be fixed. Whoever is letting them out is putting society at risk,” Humphrey said. “Police lock them up and do their job, and then when there’s a shift change, they’re back out smiling and laughing at the officers. Some of these parents know their kids have guns, but they look the other way. They depend on their kid’s criminal activity to get by, so they aren’t going to turn them in.”

Humphrey added that change isn’t possible without accountability.

“It’s going to take everyone. We need everyone to man up, step up, and do their job,” he said.

Police also announced the arrest of a 17-year-old wanted for an armed carjacking of a 51-year-old woman off Key Highway.

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They say this arrest led them to several other vehicles that were recently stolen in carjackings.

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  1. Put him back on the street again!! You worthless judges are not gonna be happy until he kills an innocent person!! I hope it’s one of YOUR family members!!

  2. Joe Yeti says:

    MORE Democrat leadership on display here. No wonder Baltimore is a 3rd world dump.

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