BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Carjacked, thrown to the ground, and driven over with his own car.

The wife of a Baltimore County man who was attacked during a carjacking talks to WJZ about the vicious attack that now has four teens behind bars.

Right now, Baltimore County police are looking for two other teens still wanted in connection with the carjacking that left a man seriously injured.

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Police aren’t saying how they connected the dots, but we now know that a Comcast worker caught the entire incident on video.

The victim, identified as 69-year-old Jim Willinghan, is still recovering at Shock Trauma, but his wife says he will be moved to another facility to undergo six months of rehab for his broken pelvis.

Last Wednesday morning, Baltimore County police say six teens viciously carjacked, assaulted, and drove over Willinghan.

“I got a knock on the door that my husband had been carjacked and assaulted,” Willinghan’s wife said. “My husband was innocent. It shouldn’t have happened.”

The quiet January morning on Overlea Street shattered by a violent attack.

“I come running out, and he’s laying over there on the corner of the sidewalk,” she said.

His wife, who didn’t want to show her face, says Willinghan went outside to grab something out of their car when the group attacked him.

She says he suffered bruises on his back and other injuries.

The most serious was a broken pelvis, which happened when the teens drove over him before taking off.

“It’s going to be a slow-going process. My husband can’t walk right now, and he’s got a big bruise on his back, slight internal bleeding,” Willinghan’s wife said.

Neighbors call the attack senseless, and say they’re now on guard.

“It’s crazy. 15 and 16 year olds are supposed to be in school on a Wednesday at 10:30 in the morning,” neighbor Linda Knudsen said.

WJZ has learned that a Comcast worker recorded the entire incident and turned the video over to investigators.

On Monday, WJZ first told you when Baltimore County police arrested four teens in this case.

“They’re violent offenders, even though they’re juveniles, and they needed to be caught and taken off the streets,” said Jennifer Peach, with the Baltimore County Police Department.

Police say when they found the teen suspects, they found Willinghan’s stolen car, along with two other stolen cars.

Even with the arrests, the neighborhood where the carjacking occurred still remains on edge as police search for the other two suspects in the case.

“Everybody is scared,” Knudsen said.

Willinghan’s wife says he will be at Shock Trauma for 10 more days, before being moved to another facility to start the rehab.

Click here if you would like to donate to Jim Willinghan’s GoFundMe.

Three of the teens arrested in this case are being charged as adults, for attempted murder, assault, carjacking, and other charges.

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Comments (153)
  1. Why aren’t they charged with a racially-motivated hate crime?

    1. Liberal Media Rule #1: In order to maintain Blacks’ preeminent status as America’s #1 ‘Officially Certified Victim Group’, said Victims must never be shown to have victims of their own, or the tax paying public will lose sympathy, patience, and the Liberal instilled sense of collective guilt, in order for the majority population to accept being openly discriminated against in college admissions, government contracts, hiring, ect.(aka Black Privilege). While keeping the majority of Blacks under the government’s wing, and voting Democrat.

      The Liberal Victimists and their MSM has been practicing that rule for years, while doing everything in their power to make this protected demographic feel they are the “poor hapless victims of evil white men”.

      Which lead us to Liberal Rule #’s 5, 6 and 7:

      5. Blacks cannot be “racist” no matter how racist they are.

      6. Despite being the most violent demographic, committing approximately 50% of murders, while only making up 12% of the population, a certain demographic must always be portrayed on the Movie screen, on TV, and in Commercials, as innocent, morally and intellectually superior, righteous and wise paragons of humanity.

      And even though approximately 85% of interracial violence, including assault, murder and rape between blacks and whites, is black on white; never forget THIS Liberal Rule:

      7. It’s never a racist hate crime when a minority attacks, assaults, rapes, burns, punches, slaps, stabs, strangles, shoots, beats [or runs over] a white person. It’s only a racist hate crime for a white person to notice.

      1. “…committing approximately 50% of murders, while only making up 12% of the population.”

        It generally isn’t black women committing the murders, so that 12% becomes more like 6% of the population. It also isn’t old black men 65+, nor is it pre-teen black youths committing these murders, so it is really like 2-3% of the population is committing 50% of the murders.

      2. stevengregg says:

        The US has a homicide rate of about 5 per 100,000. According to FBI stats. young black males, ages 18-24 perpetrate homicide at the rate of 203 per 100K, forty times the national rate. The homicide perpetration rate of black male teenagers is pretty hefty, too.

    2. Notice how race isn’t mentioned. Wouldn’t want to stir the pot, unless it was white male Christians, then it’s open season.

    3. the old man deserved it, he is jealous of the rythm of the night

    4. spicyguy88 says:

      Ah, because they are Black duh, apparently you have not bought into the fallacy that only white people are racist of you. Black Lives DON’t Matter

    5. deguello13 says:

      No perp photos needed to know this is the latest RoBNY (Roving Bands of Negro Youths) violent incident. The action tells the tale.

  2. Is there anyone left who doesn’t know what “teens” means? Or “youths”? If they were white republicans that would have been in the headline.

    1. by now you should know that if race is not mentioned they are black, else they would make it a point to say they are white. Judging by the city i already knew the race.

    2. Frank Muller says:

      Move our prisons to Africa and pay Africa to keep our criminals. Problem solved.

      1. Joe Tairei says:

        “Teens”, huh? It’s getting tiresome hearing about so many crimes committed by “teens”: muggings, knockout games, mall riots. I thought the previous President was supposed to fix all that. “I’ll be the first post-racial President.” And the current guy is supposed to be racist — at least, that’s what all the MSM commentators keep saying, even though he’s said and done nothing racist. Oh… his dad evicted some deadbeat black tenants in 1970. Yeah, that’s racist.

  3. So…why is the race of any of the attackers not reported here? Did they live near their victim? What school did they (sporadically) attend (or drop out of)? Is there a BOTL or description of the other two suspects? Nice incomplete story ya got there, Mr. McCall.

      1. Paull Cudak says:

        C’mon, that’s an Oxymoron

  4. Joe Daigle says:

    They tried to kill him. When are white people going to learn to carry a pistol in their car? Locking the car doors in black neighborhoods would help too. And oh, I almost forgot, they tried to kill that old man because he “oppressed” them. All six need to do 30 years in the pen.

    1. Sam Dennis says:

      Locking your car? door locks don’t keep kids from breaking in one way or another. According to the wife Wasn’t this victim simply getting something from his car?

      Perhaps the citizens should require the police department to post officers in strategic locations in such neighborhoods. Sort of like many PD’s do when it comes to providing security to foreign embassies.

      1. Fred Smith says:

        No, what people need to do is set up a motion detector on your property and set up a rifle with a suppressor to shoot out of a window. The rest is self explanatory.

    2. Leaving a Weapon in the car would be stupid and would have put another weapon out there in the wrong hands when the car was hijacked, it should be on the person, I’m the same age as this man and understand that when you are hurt as he was there is no real returning to a normal life, your body just doesn’t heal the same.. and yet cities and states deny people their right to bear arms and defend themselves from the animals our society is creating.. I pray he heals and lives a normal life but it’s doubtful.

      1. Jim Trott says:

        Poor guy could have evened the odds had he pulled a .357 from his holster and administered some street justice. Lets see 6 POS thugs, 6 rounds in the wheel, perfect match.

    3. Larry Jones says:

      The Klan didn’t put garbage like this in jail. Of course, “teens” seldom attacked old white people when the Klan rode.

    4. @JoeDaigle The report said the old man was going out to his car to retrieve some item, so apparently the vehicle was sitting in front of his house, not being driven.

  5. That used to be a decent enough place to live. Wouldn’t set foot now. Let’s all pretend that we don’t know why, shall we?

    1. TK Stoke says:

      In Baltimore the answer is not to put the six youths in jail but to buy them all new cars so they won’t have to steal them, RIGHT!!!!!

  6. John Clement says:

    Now, when you say “teens” what else could be used to describe them?

  7. Joe Tonelli says:

    They wonder why people hate that race.

  8. Vox Veritas says:

    The Amish Mormon Jehovah’s Witnesses just won’t take no for an answer.

  9. James Guiry says:

    headline when you say teens you mean NIG$ERS

  10. Vox Veritas says:

    Baltimore has been systemically black-maled for decades.

    See pretend Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake.

  11. Thugs get up when they want, go to work or school if they want, eat what they want, drip with gold, bling, 300 dollar shoes and wads of cash, steal what gun they want, shoot who they want, take what drugs they want, come home when they want, go to bed when they want. Who is more free, the one living this, or the ones paying for it?
    All of this misery is exactly how they choose to live their lives. Each one of these thugs was raised by someone who continues to vote Democrat even as their slums get even worse day by day. There are more blacks killed in our Democrat cities each year than 10 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Yet i year cries of BLM! I listen to the very ones causing the misery blaming Trump for decades of Democrat city horrors. Its white privilege! Well it has to be the GOP who are racist and n-zi!
    Its red necks, country folk or some old moldy statue in Alabama causing it! Its EVERYONE except their own fault.
    Having grown up white in inner city Cleveland i honestly used to care. But for 10 years me and people like me have been blamed for every ill in the black community, every ill in the cities, every ill in that society. I watched as blacks and Democrat Antifa BEAT people like me bloody for simply being white or for voting GOP. Did i hear any crying, concern or outrage from Baltimore over that? Oh no…no you said “GOOD!”
    Yes, i used to care.
    Now? TS. You made your bed.
    You obviously are living your life as you choose, let me live mine as i choose.

    1. The horrible church murders in Charleston were broadcast 24/7 nationwide. But, how many of you heard about the 8 murders committed by Omar Thornton in Connecticut in 2010?

    2. deguello13 says:

      I hate to see these unfortunate arrests of six potential cornerbacks for our universities. Think of the waste the bad record will cause.

  12. Tom Truther says:

    Segregation was always the answer and always will be.

  13. And who is running that place again? Don’t cry foul when. these idiots are Trayvon-Martined or Michael-Browned!

  14. No excuse. Put them in jail and let them rot. There is no is no rehabilitation for this type of person.

  15. He was asking for it by having a nice car, being old and white. He could have moved to a safe state and city run by republicans.

  16. Fred Ducque says:

    The police will now go door to door and confiscate all Willinghan’s neighbors’ firearms before someone gets hurt.

  17. Just another incident of Black on White crime. Move on folks, nothing new to see here. It is becoming increasingly obvious that Black cannot integrate themselves into a advanced, civilized, modern society. You can take the savage out of the jungle, but you cannot take the jungle out of the savage. Fortunately for us, unlike the Joos, Black people are easy to identify on sight.

  18. Eve the reporter says “TEENS” with emphasis. We all know what’s up.

  19. I used to think that eventually we would all be able to live side by side peacefully. No….not ever. People are different and want to be around people of their own race. Its just nature. It is natural. Animals do it. To many minorities in this country take fake outrage way over the line. They are not really offended they just like to cause trouble but they do see racism in everything. That is low self esteem. Whites (the majority of whites) actually want the black race to succeed. But they can’t see that. But I think that is beginning to change now. Alot do not care anymore. I do not. I only want to be away from them…far away. The blacks that are just Americans and are not in the self pity game and blame whites for everything wrong in their lives…I feel sorry for them for being lumped in with the others. Stop being pc and lets stop people from calling us racist for no reason at all but to shut us up. All this is is payback. Whites build great civil societies and there is jealousy and envy because they know deep down they cannot and will not ever be able to build what we have except to say they built all of it. They were kings and queens also in Egypt. The democrat party and some in the repubican party should be brought up on charges of what they have done to blacks with the great society to keep them poor for vote getting but they are due alot of the blame also. Your neighborhoods do not have to be blighted. Get out there and use some paint and plant trees. Take pride in your community and enjoy life instead of hating me because I am white. I cannot help what color I was born and neither can you. We really should be uniting against this government together…standing together against illegal immigration and government overstepping and different set of rules for the elite. The governement should fear the people and not the people fearing the government as it is now. Funny we have the power …so much power but we will not stand together. Why? Its to easy to hate and blame others for your own failure. I learned that lesson along time ago. Sorry for the length and if I upset some of you liberals…you are my enemy until you open your eyes and start caring about he citizens of this country and this country again. GOD Bless all.

    1. King’s “content of character” speech was made purely for white consumption. The vast majority of blacks I lived among in Detroit judged blacks, whites, Asian, Hispanics, based on skin color first and little more. They cared nothing about the content of white people’s character. Regardless of our white families’ histories of abolitionists, freedom fighting Union soldiers, or never being in this country till long after slavery was ended; as far as many blacks are concerned, if you’re white, you are ALL descendants of white slave masters who personally enslaved their ancestors and lynched them. The epidemic of black on white knock-out games across this country is just a small example of what these blacks think of the content of their victim’s character.

      A Single Parent Sub-Culture raised on anti white animosity and envy. Triggered by their racist hatred and a righteous indignation instilled and encouraged by a Leftist Hollywood and a Public School program of Victimist Propaganda.

      Empowered by Liberals and their Entitlement Mentality. Protected by the National News Media, Political Correctness and a corrupt racist former DOJ under Eric ‘My People’ Holder and Barack ‘If I Had a Son’ Obama.

      Forgiven by an endless list of Affirmative Excuses and Lowered Expectations. Sanitized and Glorified beyond recognition by a fawning SJW media on TV, on the Movie screen, and in Commercials, as innocent, morally and intellectually superior, righteous, wise, paragons of humanity.

      Liberals and their media having dumbed down their education, inflated their egos, encouraged their feelings of victimization, and enraged their senses, created a youth culture of stupid, self-important, angry, uncontrollable, violently racist brats.

  20. Blacks attacking white people… Nothing new here… Couple days ago I read an article about a black female, unprovoked, who threw acid in a white females face – racially motivated. Also, a gang of black youths were arrested for ambushing and murdering a white couple in S.Carolina…and a white female was murdered by a black male in the Bay area of SF. Forced integration was the will of no use resisting it. Right?

  21. Webster’s 21 Century Dictionary teen tēn n. An urban dweller and a person of color under the age of 20 and older than 12. May be either male or female typically volatile, violent and displaying a complete disdain for civilized society. Usage: The teen shot the cashier in the forehead.

  22. Tony Donato says:

    These odious swine need to be locked up for long time. I’ll bet their parents probably think they’re innocent.

  23. rickburgoon says:

    If only more NFL players were kneeling none of this would have happened…
    (sarc off)

  24. Grizz Mann says:

    The BLM needs space to vent their anger in Baltimore. Isn’t that what they said?

  25. Cal Ven says:

    If these perps tried this in Idaho, a few of them might suffer from lead poisoning.

  26. You can have civilization, or you can have nogs, you cannot have both.

  27. Teens again!
    Amish teens, as usual.

  28. Buddy Burke says:

    These yankee liberals are forgetting how this works. Their place is to be worried about the little “teens”. And to “hope they get help”. At least until the incoming OJ jury cuts um’ loose.

  29. “Attacked By Teens”…”four teens”…”two other teens”…”six teens”…”the group”…”the teens”…”violent offenders”…”they’re juveniles”…”the teen suspects”…”the other two suspects”…”Three of the teens”.

    Another classic example of the PC media propagandists attempting to condition their readers to ignore the obvious.

    Political Correctness is killing us. All cultures are not the same.

    “The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.” (Chris Plante, WMAL)

    But it isn’t like we didn’t know:

    “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” -Richard Salant, former president of CBS News

    “We are going to impose our agenda on the coverage, by dealing with issues and subjects that we choose to deal with.” – Richard Cohen, Senior Producer, CBS Political News

  30. Mande Rayman says:

    These are Obama’s sons. Where is BLM? Where’s Jester Jackson?

  31. Mac Joiner says:

    These “teens” (young black males) had a school to go to, and elected to not go but instead to participate in multiple car thefts, violent assault, and very likely a slew of other unreported miscreant behavior in the past. Yet somehow liberals will say we need to throw more money at the schools because these “teens” aren’t getting a fair shake. Their opportunity is just like others who elect to at least try to participate in their education, and thus have a better chance at succeeding in life. At some point we need to not allow liberals to make us all feel guilty about these kids .. their chance is there, they chose to not use it. Time for personal responsibility.

  32. seniors should start carrying guns. i doubt a fightened elderly person would get any jail time for shooting in self defense. especially in baltimore, where these feral animals need to die a most painful death…oh, did i mention baltimore is democratic? the govenor of baltimore is a democrat. when will people learn?

  33. Six teens, That’s all I needed to read to know it was a bunch of feral blacks.

  34. There must be some mistake… they can’t be black. Black people are the inventors and white people are the criminals.

    Just look up ‘American Inventors’ in Google Image search – not a white male to be seen. Then go and look up ‘burglar’, ‘thief’, ‘robber’ in a Google Image search – they are all white!

  35. Whats wrong with the world. this is seriously over the top messed up. I pray they get fully prosecuted.

  36. Gary Epling says:

    If Obama had sons they’d look just like these thugs!

  37. You didn’t want cops on the street. Now you got what you wished for.

  38. Liberals have excluded God from the schools and the culture. They pay women to have babies without husbands. They say it’s OK to murder a baby the day before it’s born, but not the day after (although some liberals are now calling to allow murder of small children). Now they’re surprised that the current generation are viscous animals. Get used to it folks. We have sown the wind and now we are reaping the whirlwind

    1. BTW, they’ll probably go free after a nasty talking to by the judge.

  39. Those criminals should be jailed and the key thrown away.. I’m starting to lose faith that those of us who value civilized life, peace and a good living for all, will ever get the respect we deserve. Too many in the community would rather abandon their kids, kill for over-priced shoes, play the victim and blame everyone for their problems. I grew up in a rough ghetto and today I am a senior software engineer.. If I can do it and contribute positively, so can many if the parents get their act together… but until then, this will become the norm and all of us trying to do good will get dragged in the mud.

  40. Baltimore is desperately in need of common sense nig-control laws.

  41. Thanks to Obama and making all his ilk racist Marxist (useful idiots, so zero clue what they have become) racism is on major rise. All he had to do was poke the racism in the black community. Was that easy. Obama gave his worshipers permission to be racists. Sick Marxist puppy and his worshipers sad pathetic followers. They don’t want to admit to themselves Obama was made president to make sure they stayed poor and repressed. He didn’t free one black mind! He imprisoned millions! Evil as hell.
    Don’t be surprised black community, it isn’t about race. Your god lied. White politicians have murdered their own for thousands of years! Did you really think your race was any different? Understand the hope but reality is what Obama would have gave you if he really cared.

  42. Tom Gotwols says:

    Good luck trying to carry in Maryland. Self-defense and police protection are frowned upon there.

  43. Hey Baltimore! Your District Attorney PROSECUTED cops for doing their jobs; this is the result of cops trying to stay out of legal trouble and satisfy your DA by not doing their jobs. Enjoy the hell out of your Liberal-managed city!

  44. OH THE PERPETRATORS ARE ALL BLACK! Oh my. What a surprise.

  45. Carl Mayo says:

    eric holder said it was okay to do it, so they did it

  46. Sam Huston says:

    Hello from Canada.

    What did clueless lib/prog SJWs want?
    -Dead cops.

    When did clueless lib/prog SJWs want it?

    What did clueless lib/prog SJWs inflict on normal people?
    -Mad Max style Anarchy.

    Normal Canadians loath clueless libs/progs just as much as normal Americans do.

    MAGA!!! Because the survival of Western Civilization depends on it.

  47. John McElroy says:

    Election have consequences Baltimorons made their choices.

  48. Thanks to Maryland’s third world gun laws it’s is next to impossible for the law abiding to have a gun for self defense. Time to change the CC laws.

  49. Stan Pinkus says:

    When LIBERALS wake up we should STERILIZE and ELIMINATE VOTING privileges for all families (mother, father (if he can be found-else cut the benefits in 1/2), and children) living off any type welfare (food, housing, homeless, living, …) for over 6 months. This would eventually lead to an end of poverty, crime and make the future better instead of perpetuating the problem as we’ve been doing since the 1960’s

  50. teens is the new codeword

    whenever 3 or more get together all they can do is hunt in a pack like hyenas

    no doubt dey all beez good boys with no known daddies

  51. These “youths” will be back on the streets in a few months time. They will be let out by liberal judges. Just wait and see. Africa is more civilized than Baltimore.

  52. Max Conrad says:

    Let me guess….

    If Obama had sons they would look like…..

  53. David Grimes says:

    The utterly predictable result of continually electing demmerhoids to create a dystopia.

    It works EVERY time.

  54. No Names, No Pics….we all know….

  55. Anne Tenney says:

    They should receive the harshest sentences allowed. This is all the result of the mayor telling the police to stand down. Anarchy and chaos has come to Baltimore. Liberal Democrat politics have led to Baltimore becoming Chicago and Detroit, lost American cities.

  56. shocking! I mean, those gentle kids, they was just playing.

  57. Congratulations, Baltimore. You’re now finding out what happens when you treat the Police like criminals and the criminals like victims.

  58. KR Rayberry says:

    Clearly those boys are victims of a white majority middle class.

    Can we call this a hate crime yet? Pretty sure if six white boys did the same to a senior black man that this would very much be a hate crime.

  59. When spotting the bong0ids on the street, keep your eyes on them and maintain a safe distance.
    If the bong0ids are approaching you, get your hand on your gun and evade the area if possible.
    If the bong0ids are within 25 feet of you, SHOOT TO KILL!

  60. Don Stickney says:

    After Baltimore city officials approved the dismantling of all those Confederate statues, you’d think that the crime rate would’ve plummeted to ZERO!


  61. John Roberts says:

    It’s time we start deporting these so called people back to Africa

  62. Don McCoy says:

    Business as usual in the sh1t hole that IS Baltimore.

  63. Black crime is out of control. They need more policing, not less.

  64. Fred Doe says:

    Maybe this is why they used to just lynch creatures like this when they were caught, instead of placing them in prisons where they could learn even greater evil. Black or white.

  65. My question is what do you expect as you have had Democrats running your city. But remember your mayor said to let them go. after all between the left wing mayor and the Obama administration you have under cut and neutered the police and the BLM’s and New black Panther’s thug know they are free to do what they want.

  66. Rich Shawn says:

    this is why u CARRY… PERIOD

  67. Robb Tipton says:

    And it turns out these “teens” just happen to be … drumroll please … never mind.

  68. Please support abortion and the death penalty.

  69. Misc Corp says:

    Racist Criminal Justice System…putting 6 more black teens in the system.

  70. Move our prisons to Africa and pay Africa to keep our criminals. Problem solved.

  71. Feral yutes… won’t be long until they’re back on the street. This city is getting what it deserves! Unfortunately, the good people of this city will pay the price.

  72. Guy Hurd says:

    What a surprise. Six black males try to kill an old white man to steal his car. Hate crime? School? I say six bullets and one big hole. Done. Think of the victims that will be spared with my solution.

  73. Steve Goshel says:

    I only hope that the victim was a…..SNOWFLAKE 🙂

  74. This primitive behavior has been going on for so long in America’s largest cities that it has become part of each succeeding generation’s DNA…

  75. Welcome to Baltimore. I live in Northern Virginia and that city is definitely off my list.

  76. I think y’all are forgetting one thing. The six undescribed youth were the victims here. They were all oppressed by white people their whole lives so they deserve that car…

  77. Coffee Long says:

    Hebrew activists jumped up and down for decades to make Whites believe that the average colored is just like us. After we ship the sub-humans back to the Dark Continent, we need a Solution for the (((people))) who pushed this idea on us in the first place.

  78. Chicago is cheering them on, perhaps taking the attention off of their exploding black violence.

  79. Ralph Davis says:

    And they wonder why we think of them as animals….

  80. Seems to me like we got some freelance reparations collectors getting a head start.

  81. I hope their fathers dont find out!

  82. Rick Leslie says:

    How dare that white guy flaunt his privilege like that.

  83. Mary Warren says:

    Just more innocent youths attacked by a senior citizen and then wrongfully accused. Hands up don’t shoot! Hey Baltimore leadership – this is what you have spawned and encouraged.

  84. Ron Daly says:

    But didn’t the newly anointed next president Oprah go on video saying old white people should all just die. They are just following orders

  85. David Kroger says:

    I’m SHOCKED, just SHOCKED that they were Black.

  86. Paul King says:

    The government has blood on its hands when it forces people to live amongst negroes against their will.

  87. Another racially biased reporter writing a story. Never told you the teens were black. We have one here in Detroit at the Free Press. Her name is Rochelle Riley. A black woman who is so biased her racism shows even when she writes on mundane things. These type of reporters should be fired.

  88. THIS is why racism exists in America. Black BEHAVIOR spawns it!

  89. “Teens.” We all know what that means. May Mr. Willinghan have a full recovery and may his attackers burn in h*ll.

  90. Fred Stevens says:

    Oh my. Apparently using racial politics to make the city impossible to police has turned out to be a bad idea.
    Go figure.

    Liberals hate America.

  91. Mike Miller says:

    America does not have a violence problem,
    America has a black problem the media not only won’t call out but goes thru great pains to conceal.

  92. ploome says:

    for sure, all these feral thugs come from single mother households, on welfare…

    when they don;t have to work for ANYTHING, they feel entitled to steal from anyone who has what they want..

  93. Bob Redman says:

    Almost impossible for the ordinary citizen in Maryland to get a concealed carry permit. Anyone who stays in that state deserves anything that happens to him or her.

  94. Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and “assimilates.”

    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  95. ilovevictoriasbows says:

    Blacks. “They’re super predators who need to be brought to heel.” — Hillary Clinton

  96. We all know the code word for ‘teens’ so why not use it?

  97. My husband escaped from Baltimore twenty years ago, but he still has two brothers who live in that cesspool. SOCIALISM destroyed Baltimore, and now, nothing short of genocide could return that city to Western Civilization, or what Western Civilization USED TO BE.

  98. And the NFL Football players wonder why
    By the POLICE.
    They Kneel and WONDER.